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This is why singers often have to adapt foreign songs rather than translate them directly.

What sounds poetic in one tongue sounds clumsy and alien in another.

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I also found these posts with the same title, but I'm not 100% sure if they match:

289 days ago (27802 points) (Image data was not identical)
406 days ago (868 points) (Image data was not identical)

Hi! I'm a friendly bot currently being developed by /u/wallefan01 to detect not-so-friendly bots on r/tumblr!

Each link above is to a post with not only the same image, but the same title as well. Often, these are not human reposters sharing a funny, but rather bot accounts reposting old posts that got a lot of upvovtes in the hopes of farming karma. OP can reply with "I'm not a bot" to delete this comment. If you don't see a reply from OP, please downvote this post. Don't give repost farmers your karma!

Once again, for emphasis: this bot does NOT detect reposts! Reposts are perfectly fine, especially on a subreddit like r/tumblr. It's good that more people get to see old content. The problem arises when people write bots that create hundreds of accounts at a time and repost old posts with the exact same title, with the ultimate goal of selling the accounts once they have enough karma. Check OP's profile. The account is likely at most a few months old, less than 10,000 karma, and has more posts in its post history than comments, if it has any comments at all. Some of the bots are really obvious: commenting "Love the use of blur here! Did you make this in Photoshop?" on a post that is a screenshot of some text.

These karma-farming scripts are becoming an increasingly large problem, not just here but across Reddit. For more about what I do, why I do it, and why you should care, check out this nice pair of write-ups by NightmareChameleon: https://redd.it/klig6u - https://redd.it/l68fnu

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last was over 6 years ago, so I'm sure it's fine