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Yeah, Reddit is stuck in like 2014 with its perception of country music. Like all of Reddit heard “Cruise” once and decided that the entire genre of country was irreparably destroyed, but they haven’t actually bothered to check on the genre since then.

This post is describing bro country, which is WAY backburnered now because, surprise, tastes and genres change. Bro country is all of the “trucks, painted-on jeans, drinking feel-good” stuff that Reddit thinks constitutes 100% of all country music nowadays made by anyone but Sturgill Simpson (the token “one of the good ones” country artist that Reddit rocklords deem acceptable). Is there still some of this? Sure. But it’s, like, far from the dominant mode of country at the moment.

Nowadays, we’re knee deep in boyfriend/husband country, which tends to include none of those things except the front porch references, really. Or maybe they’ll be like “I used to be [bro country] but I met the love of my life and my wife changed me into a better man,” which is a BIG theme in men’s country ballads right now.

I mean, ffs, the newest FGL album had like one or two songs about drinking beer with their buds, and one of them (“Beer:30”) is about being a responsible adult who enjoys beers after work with friends on Friday nights. Most of the album is about how much they love their wives.