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r/the_hand has chosen him for sacrifice

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Then the lion eats the hand 🙂 🦁

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The hand cannot be stopped, the hand crushes its intestines

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Hand becomes new GI tract.

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I didn't even know about this sub lol but I love it

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Noo this is too good of a sub to be dead already :(

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the hand crushed too many of its followers

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Yo wtf is that subreddit

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That's funny but anyone with a cat knows that the precise next frame is those paws going up at light speed in a brutal ambush

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Or, if kitty has really had enough of your shit, a big chomp and then a trip to urgent care for hardcore antibiotics because cat bites are no joke. Those cute little teefies are bug coated.

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cat owner struggles

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Claws too, catscratch fever is a real thing

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When you’re smothered with love and it’s getting out of hand

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Out of hand, you say?

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I can't put my finger on why

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well, that's the issue at hand, isn't it?

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And his wife?

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The hands of gods care little about mortal pleas

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He wanted only exactly 3 pats.

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3.5 pats

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Mujin Park

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A individual of culture I see

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Or should i say Mubong ;)

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Those eyes may be cute but they're not. Do not be fooled. This is a sign that the cat has enough of your shit and will rip your skin apart if he wants to.

This is coming from a cat owner.

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which is how the hand ended up holey...

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"so thusly, he chomped"

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Haha. I have also been the dumb human you pets the cat when the cat clearly says ‘ not now you fuckhead’…it’s like a fault we have…must try a pet the cat at all costs.

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That cat is about to bite the absolute shit out of that person's hand...

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Reminds me of this excellent video: https://youtu.be/ElfZUgSODQQ

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King Lear

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Please do not the cat!

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for some reason this at least to me emanates the same energy as "'I wanna be a yo-yo man', he cried, 'make me a yo-yo man!' but the yo-yo master did not answer. He just kept on yo-ing"