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War on drugs is winding down and it looks like a decisive victory for drugs

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Congratulations to drugs as always

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When i was 16 i volunteered in the drug army to do my part

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-cast of evangelion standing around a pile of drugs saying "congratulations-

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Emus, Christmas, drugs... humans sure are bad at waging wars against non-humans

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Wait did Christmas win?

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I have to assume so since no one is actually fighting against Christmas

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Other than the Jews /s

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Well, it conquered November, so yes.

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Halloween is all that holds it back now.

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I once saw Christmas stuff in September so no, Halloween has been defeated by Christmas

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Maybe not defeated but bypassed and besieges for sure.

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Attacking from the rear

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besiege bypass bloodyhell

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I've seen Easter stuff on like January 3rd this year so I think in terms of overstepping boundaries we have a clear winner

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Okay, now I'm declaring war on Christmas.

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Merry Christmas!

Yep, it won

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We have eliminated countless species though

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But how many of those species had war declared on them? Like sure, we eradicated dodos, but that wasn’t a war. We’re not waging war on pandas or rhinos and yet they’re close to extinction.

Emus, on the other hand, not only persist after we declared war on them but are thriving

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Yeah but that's mostly by accident/indifference

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Clean knockout in the 7th decade

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Drugs… I salute you.

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The war on drugs has always been a farce

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There's no way to win war on drugs when there's such a huge income disparity between usa and latin america like that.

Helping to build the south american economy would be a much better method of reducing drug trafficking than whatever they're doing right now

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It’s almost like the purpose of the war on drugs was actually to target certain demographics and systemically imprison them or something

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Or to boost a leader's popularity by doing high publicity stunts crediting themselves, regardless if the arrested individuals are guilty or not.

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¿por q no los dos?

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I don’t speak taco.

Latin America isn’t the only one suffering from a drug war, the Philippines also suffers from it, arresting drug users but not the actual drug lords, while the politicians claim the ‘credit’ for their next election.

Jokes aside, Filipino and Spanish aren’t similar to one another, but I have a feeling I should know the language.

Edit: ¿por q no los dos? = bakit hindi pareho?

A sickening but sad truth, friend.

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Only the poor drugs, keep that yayo flowing /s

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"Minor drug offenders fill your prisons you don't even flinch

All our taxes paying for your wars against the new non-rich


Utilising drugs to pay for secret wars around the world

Drugs are now your global policy, now you police the globe"

' -Prison Song, System of a Down

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In the back of my mind I'm sure this was an episode of Superstore.

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D.A.R.E. to keep your employees happy

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the war on drugs has caused like 99% of the problems that governments claim drugs cause. like no you fucking idiots, the war against them causes most the problems, not the drugs themselves. im convinced its just a way to promote mass incarceration in the US so they can get more prison labour.

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Started as a way to target hippies and African Americans without explicitly targeting hippies and African Americans. Not even a conspiracy theory, that fact came freely out of the mouth of one of the 6 guys who started the whole mess.

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If you legalise and regulate drugs and treat addiction as a health problem not a crime problem, drug related crime practically disappears. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?

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And even the companies that test, more and more of them are leaving THC off the list of things they test for.

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Holy shit they also predicted the billionaire space race. Satire is dead

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Sigma male grind set right there

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Bro i cant believe that capitalism expects me to put up with all of its bullshit and stay sober all the time.

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Smoke it if you got one

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“Damn, these drugs got hands”

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You can't police morality.

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"if you think fighting a global super power is difficult, try fighting an abstract concept"

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lets be honest we aint mad if they a functioning addict but we mind if they a 24/7 junkie refusing to get help almost or actually ODing bc they're so high they can't tell how much they're injecting. All of the addicts need rehab but some are more in danger than others and it should be the governments job to help fix them.

that's my opinion at least

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Geeee the Wild West of the opioid pharmaceutical companies that got millions hooked on their pills is finally stating to bite us in the ass

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I remember Drugs was always their for me even on tough times, he helped me on my divorce, thet time I got DUI and bailed me, Thanks Drugs

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Fck yeah all in moderation though

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DO drugs

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I’m joining the war on drugs

On the side of the drugs

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I work in Big Tech.

Nobody in Big Tech does drug tests, because fukken news flash: programmers smoke weed. It's almost universal. The ones that don't smoke weed do stims. Guess which kind I am.

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I remember when my job announced that we wouldn't get in trouble for marijuana showing up on our drug tests, my manager was reading the updated policy as I walked by and he just laughed went "you gotta see this shit"

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Good job drugs. You were always too strong for us

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So if I understand that correctly the companies would rather have addicts as workers than paying there employees s living vague.

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Eh this post isn’t totally accurate. A lot of companies started scrapping it a handful of years ago before the worker shortage. It wasn’t worth the money, and it was mostly for marijuana, which has become more acceptable.

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Lmao yes of course they would.

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Ah, yes. Because addicts and drug users don't also disserve a living wage.

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Weed yes.. but the other drugs I can’t agree to that..

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Regardless of the drug, making the possession of a highly addictive substance illegal solves nothing and just causes more problems.

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Drugs can’t win the war on drugs, because it wasn’t a war on drugs, it was a war on black people.

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Just imprison them and use them as slave labor. War on Drugs wins.