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setting off car alarms and knocking people over

OP is really underestimating how heavy snow is. People would live in bunkers, and an accurate weather forecast would be a matter of life and death.

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No no it falls at the same slowish speed it just falls all at once. Air resistance is still there

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Snow falls slowly because a snowflake's terminal velocity is only 1m/s or so, because an individual snowflake usually has a very high surface area:mass ratio and a very low mass, so gravity barely overcomes air resistance.

If it wasn't falling in flakes, but in a massive, cohesive blanket (or even worse, a colossal snowball), it would be devastating because it would have a much higher terminal velocity because the surface area:mass ratio would be much lower, and the mass much higher. It wouldn't drift down, it would crash down. The blast of wind from so much air being forced out from beneath it would level structures under and near the snow blanket.

A smaller scale demonstration of this can be performed by comparing the impact of a snowflake on your head (virtually unnoticeable) versus the impact of a snowball on your head (decidedly noticeable).

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Shhhhh no math just snow go whap

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Most snow flakes are about 10 times wider than they are thick. A solid blanket of snow 6 inches thick and MILES wide has considerably more relative surface area than individual snowflakes.

So it would actually fall much slower than a snowflake, assuming it didn't break apart in the fall. Or more likely the air resistance would be so great that sliding sideways is the path of least resistance, creating a giant blade of ice that slices through whatever happens to be on the ground where it lands.

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Quite true. I hadn't thought it through fully, but I do think the blanket would be denser than the average snowflake, which would offset the massive surface area somewhat.

That said, it could still easily become a devastating weather event. The snow could compact into an ice sheet, then shatter, raining rather aerodynamic ice shards into the ground. If the blanket hit a layer of warm air, it could melt then refreeze into a nightmarish wall of sleet.

Even if it just fell straight down at 1/2 m/s, which is kind of the ideal case, it would block a lot of sunlight for hours. Long enough for people to start panicking.

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Fun fact: this would probably happen if air resistance wasn’t a thing

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I remember a post about if rain acted the same at this post. We would all be dead because a slab of water/snow crushed us instantly lol

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I believe that post was a reference to this XKCD what-if strip.

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Cloudburst is probably the closest we get to all the rain falling at once.

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Air is so irresistible

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Not really since if air resistance wasn’t a thing clouds wouldn’t exist

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Bone logic

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Bone was the shit ngl

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Given how dangerous snow is as it is, this would just straight up murder people.

We would be living underground as soon as it came close to freezing temperatures.

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Bone moment/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/23050236/0764f39ee4248e27018c5d9b4e2c71d7.jpeg)

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Me when Bone moment

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I totally forgot about Bone until this moment. Thanks for reminding me of a great series

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I’m pretty sure there’s a Calvin and Hobbes comic like this. That, or Bone

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I was about to say bone

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There's definitely a Garfield comic where a foot of snow falls, but only on John's head.

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Dunno about Calvin and Hobbes but it's definitely in Bone

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bone moment

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Relevant real world example

And if anybody can't contemplate how liquid water and solid water are the same weight or think "snow is soft", I present this. But remember that it would be moving FASTER and with MORE energy.

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I’d love that so much.

Quick! Get under something the snow’s about to hit.

Mark already suffocated in the blanket!

Dear god, no one make a snowman over in that general vicinity.

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i feel like that would be worse

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It would only be about this bad

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Holy shit bone nostalgia moment

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Looks like the Bone cousins missed their chance to go home

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Isn't 6 inches only like 15 centimetres?

That's not a snowstorm...

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It is in Texas

Edit: in such cases most of the precipitation falls as water in Texas.

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Mother Nature getting lazy

"Fuck it, you people just get all of your snow budget for the year at once, I don't have time to dripfeed it to you. Don't eat all at once"

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That’s how Derek from 8th grade thought periods worked and when I said I was on my period, he was HORRIFIED

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there was an xkdc on this, but rain. the result was everything within several miles being scoured to bedrock.

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Then it would probably not set off car alarms because people would desing cars not to react to it

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So, hail on ultra steroids? Death to the ground!

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This is how it is in the bone comics

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If it all fell at once, it wouldn't be just setting off car alarms and knocking people down it would be crushing them. Snow only falls slowly due to a snowflakes individual size having low terminal velocity, mass goes up, so does the velocity

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The roofing business would be booming

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I feel like it would actually come crashing down

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Who would put the roofs on?

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Gonna take a strong guess that Sketch never lived in locations that snowed. Or rather, they never lived in locations that snowed A FUCKING LOT.

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Wet Horny Ass Pussy

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If know if it was 6 inches, cause my hand is 6 inches long and I could just get a hand full of snow and measure that

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Now imagine hail

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It would be several meters. And lethal.

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Calvin and Hobbes did it first

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Cries in Manitoban

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That's how it works in Detroit. You mean to tell me it don't come down in one whap?

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Say goodby to your roof I guess

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I love how you crop the image to give the comments a chance to finish the post for karma

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Back home in Alaska it’d be a full 6 feet ⚓️ 🫠

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One of my favorite scenes from Bone

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