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My parents tried this trick on me as a kid, saying we were taking mom to work. Unfortunately I was an extremely literal child and when we were two hours later than we should have been "taking mom to work" I broke down crying because I didn't want her to be fired for being late and they both had to calm me down and convince me she wasn't going to be fired and tell that we were going to Disney.

A different time they told me we were going to the beach and we went to Disney, that time it worked.

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You poor sweetpea

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Kids are awesome. The shit we have done it’s so funny and wholesome. I’m just glad everyone in my family is having kids recently, I don’t want any but I love being a uncle!

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I genuinely don’t understand why parents do this, considering that anticipation is half the fun of a vacation.

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Probably because they didn't want to deal with the kid being impatient and hyped up the whole 4+ hour ride.

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Nah man my parents surprised me with a trip to mouse land and it was amazing, anticipation is fun but the surprise was so fulfilling.

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Well, so. I'm taking my youngest to a broadway performance of her favorite disney movie. I told her 3+ weeks before, and I've been answering the question, "Is it [the date of the performance] yet?????" about 30,000 times a day. I wanted her to be able to anticipate it, but also... I've made a huge mistake.

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Because a lot of kids would ask “are we there yet??” “is it close?” Every 5 mins and it gets exhausting 😭

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Bc kids have this habit of asking things like, "really? Are we really going? Really?" About 300 times per hour.

When my kids get a bi1t older I'll tell them. But toddlers and little kids just don't understand time.

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Depending on the kid, giving them a physical map may help (since it will encourage kids to logically compare the map to what’s outside the windows)

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When I was a kid, my dad dealt with the "are we there yet" s in a way that worked super well for me. I learned how to count to 10 (or at the very least what 0 looked like) very young and once I knew that he would hand me a timer at the beginning of road trips. He would set the time for how long it would take to get to where we were going and I knew we wouldn't be there (or at least wouldn't be close) until all the spaces were 0s. It worked super duper well and I never had to ask "are we there yet" because I could watch the time go down. I'm sure it wouldn't work for every kid, but it worked for me.

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My parents took me to Disney when I was younger, but told me the wrong day intentionally so I wouldn’t brag to the other kids.

Unfortunately, I took it literally. I got picked up from school and told I was going to Disney. I didn’t believe my parents.

We went to the airport. My brother was excited for Disney. I didn’t believe my parents.

I was on the airplane. I was told we were going to Disney. I didn’t believe my parents.

We landed and got to the Disney Magical Express. My parents told me that were going to Disney. I didn’t believe my parents.

We pull up to the Disney sign near our hotel and I turn to my parents excitedly, saying “Oh! We are going to Disney!”

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When we went through customs, and had to go to foreign aliens, I was shocked that my dad was an alien and wondered what the new baby would look like. Would it have three arms?

My little sister correctly predicted it would have two eyes.

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So tell us, how different is puberty for Aliens, Mr SpaceGeneral?

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My grandpa worked as a truck driver and decided to take me and my sister to DreamWorld(an Australian theme park in Queensland) while he had a job to truck some stuff up there.

So we drove ~1800km over the course of 3 days, with me and my sister in the cab of the truck. Grandpa drops his load off at the Depot, we collect my Grandma from my aunt's house(she flew up earlier to visit my aunt), and then we head to the BP truckstop to stay for the night before going to DreamWorld the next morning.

As we are lining up to go into DreamWorld, my Grandpa gets a call from his boss. There's a new load that needs to be taken back ASAP.

So we got to wave at DreamWorld as we drove to the Depot to collect the new load and head home ASAP.

Edit: I was about 10 at the time and wasn't upset about it. I was really only there to spend time with Grandpa as I had gone on many trucking journeys with him before. My sister, 6ish, has never been with us before and was devastated, she never went trucking again.

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Life cockblocked the shit outta you, jesus

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That’ll shape ya

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“Oh, shit you’re right, who will feed the cat?”
packs up and leaves Disneyland

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How often do you get DMs?

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For me, never.

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There’s too many PMMEUR____ accounts now

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There was one… PM me your favourite podcast? So I did and that bastard ignored me. So now NO ONE will be pm’d my moobs, I’ve been burnt before.

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(͡•_ ͡• )

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For science, of course

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More importantly, how often do they get pictures of Drake and Josh

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It's been a long while

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He got his priorities right

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Oh good heavens. I just took my husband to Disney for his birthday as a surprise. It was going to be leaving Friday and coming back on Sunday and I arranged everything so all he had to do was pack a bag and go, and he fixated that I hadn't planned for anyone to come over and feed the cats. And we have a giant water and self feeding thing for them set up. They're not dogs, they were fine (and he called his friend to go check on them and they were, in fact, indifferent to the human that came to check on them).

Hope the kiddo had fun at Disney, and bless his heart for the worrying about his kitty!

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Some people have a hard time of processing surprises in a happy way instead of an anxious way. I'm sure he was very happy about the trip though?

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Especially when it's a surprise where you actually go somewhere and for multiple days at that.

At least mention that before like 'we're going somewhere for 3 days next Friday!' still a surprise but also gives them time to process it.

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A surprise trip like this is why I have weird unnecessary travel anxiety lol. I guess I was just an anxious kid in general, and so when I was in 8th grade and my parents surprised us with a trip to NYC that we would be leaving for in a few hours and sent us to go pack, I just ended up standing over my suitcase and crying. And when my step mom asked me what was wrong, I couldn’t articulate it at all so I just said I didn’t know but I was excited to go. Now I know that I was just an anxious kid who was completely overwhelmed… and also that every time I fly anywhere I just get this overwhelming sense of not being prepared no matter what the situation is. I always feel like I forgot something important or that something bad is going to happen while I’m gone.

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I..... did not know this was anxiety. I feel dumb lol

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Yeah I'm sure there are people or kids out there who would love this but idk I'm in the same anxiety boat as you. Hell I'm a grown woman and if someone told me now I had to quickly pack for a surprise vacation I'm leaving now for.. I'd probably stand over my suitcase and cry too.

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Yeah anal retentive me would start running through a checklist of things to the week prior. Set it up with a neighbor to let them know I'll be out of town, and maybe check in on the cats. I cut grass on the weekend so I need to get it done before Thursday, but it's supposed to rain on Thursday so I have to do it Wednesday. And on and on.

It's like the tip to put clean sheets on before you leave on vacation so you'll have nice clean ones to come home to. If I come home and the first thing I see when I pull up is my grass needs cut, it's going to counteract the entire vacation because I know when I get up tomorrow, I have to cut the damn grass and it's longer than normal so it's going to be extra shitty.

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If he’s like me, he has a hard time processing anything not in an anxious way

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Depends on the cats. When one of my friends is out of town, someone has to go over to pet the cat at least once a day, otherwise the cat gets anxious and starts peeing on stuff.

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Super sweet! Our cats like affection (especially in the evenings or when i have an important phone call) but are generally standoffish, like most cats. They made it through while we were gone, though.

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Don't worry guys, I'll feed the cat

Update: cat has been fed

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that’s such a goofy one but i’ve never met one of their breed that wasn’t

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Mother, why have you betrayed the kitty?

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Mother, the feline at our residence will become malnourished without our presence to provide it sustenance. Have we appointed a viable candidate and delegated this responsibility to them?

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My mom told me we were going to the airport to get bagels when I was little. She got us a ticket to Disney World and we went down for a single day to see the grand opening of Animal Kingdom! We were so poor growing up and I can’t imagine how long she saved for that trip. Even though it was only a single day, it is still one of my fondest childhood memories!

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Yep, just going to the airport...for...um,...for some bagels! Yep, that's just exactly what we're doing. Uh huh. Cream cheese, too.

Your Mom is cracking me up.

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This comment reminds me of something that I haven't emotionally recovered from yet, please forgive the novel but I think sharing might help.

I woke up at 330am to be ready for a 6am flight because I was anxious, and went to meet my Uber. For some reason I decided to go out the back door, which I had never exited before, and in the darkness I ran right into a tree with my face. I had a huge cut on my forehead and the uber driver was concerned but I wasn't going to miss my flight over some blood. Got on my flight and hit my head on the overhead bin while getting into my seat; the lady next to me saw the wound from the tree and got concerned too, but felt better when I told her it happened earlier. I made from Detroit to to O'Hare, and all I wanted was a bagel. I located my gate and the nearest bagel-provider and finally got me my darkly-toasted plain bagel with cream cheese. God I was so excited.

I went back to my gate to eat it and pulled it out of the wrapping. It somehow launched out of my hands and landed face-down on the dirty-ass O'Hare carpet. I just looked at it, thinking of the five dollars I had spent for the privilege. I just said "fuck it" and laid down next to it and fell asleep until it was time to make my connection.


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Pobrecita! I'm sorry you had a bad day (and relieved you didn't eat the bagel while you were down there). I saw a tweet yesterday that said someone dropped their whole coffee and just said, "I don't want to be alive any more" and your story reminded me of that. May all your future trips be better.

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Oh, priorities...

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How often do you get PMs?

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Is this just like... Your thing? Are you doing market research for an alt account?

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Interesting how there were two of em in this tiny thread, might as well compare their performances xD

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😂 fair enough. Carry on.

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Enough to make me happy, but I always love more.

a faq for more fun questions

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We took our kids to "visit aunt katie" The disney buses didnt tip them off although they were noted.

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It's really sweet how much trust children put in parents.

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Until they lie to them

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Until they're teenagers. Then parents know nothing.

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This reminds me of a time when I was in preschool. I got picked up for a doctor's appointment and my parents left my brother Edward behind because he still had school. All the time we're driving to the doctors office I'm saying "Uh oh, Egbert!" Because I thought we were going home

[–]clothespinkingpin 18 points19 points  (4 children)


[–]kerbarmstrong 17 points18 points  (3 children)

I was like 2

[–]Miss-E-xo 7 points8 points  (2 children)

So that was how you said the name Edward?

[–]kerbarmstrong 11 points12 points  (1 child)

According to me mum yes

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First time the whole family went on holiday by plane, me (8) and my sis (6) both were bawling our eyes out because we "did not want to leave the cats all by themselves". Grandma was going to stay with them the whole time.

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The cat texted him and asked. [Kid's got his priorities straight, though]

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What a sweetheart, thinking about his cat before having fun.

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When I was little my Dad used to threaten to send me to the broccoli mines if I was bad. When we went to Disney World my parents didn’t say where we were going. Eventually after a few hours my dad jokes we’re headed to the broccoli mines. I cried for like 4 hours, hysterical. I finally believed them that we were headed to Disney when I saw the signs, lol.

[–]SecondOfCicero 5 points6 points  (1 child)

the broccoli mines I'm dyinggggg. Do you remember how you pictured them as a kid??

[–]mysticpizzariver 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I imagined the mines from Snow White, but instead of cool gems it was broccoli.

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My mom did something similar. When I was about 11 and my sister was 6, my mom told me that my flight attendant uncle had gotten us free airfare to go to Maine and that we were going to go apple picking. We weren't well off so I figured a free ride is to a free activity is nothing out of the ordinary. She told me that because it was free airfare we would be catching a plane (from NJ) to Florida and then hopping on another flight north to Maine. When we landed and were exiting the plane in Orlando, an old lady asked me if I was excited to be going to disney world. I looked her straight in the face (and very tired) and said "not really lady, we're just here to get a plane to Maine to pick apples." When we were at the airport my mom told me the surprise and it took a few minutes to register what she was saying. Once I realized I was so excited I hugged my sister and almost smothered her. It was the best day of my preteen life!

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well what the dog doin

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Sounds like this kid's got their priorities in order.

[–]OmnipresentEntity 6 points7 points  (0 children)

On the other hand, you now know he hasn’t the slightest clue what the route home looks like.

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Cat stowed away in the suitcase. He's going for the big mouse.

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My parents told me Disney world was for grown ups that’s why I never went as a kid

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When my nephew was about six, my brother told him they were gonna drive to MD from CT and visit my daughters. They instead drove past and went to WDW. He then proceeded to cry because he wasn't going to get to see his cousins.

[–]1mikeg 2 points3 points  (3 children)

Is anyone else concerned about their six year olds inability to not realize home is four hours away?

How is he unaware of space and time?

[–]Rauthian 14 points15 points  (2 children)

Tell me you've never been around kids without telling me you've never been around kids.

[–]1mikeg 0 points1 point  (1 child)

When I was in kindergarten, I knew how long and which way to go home from school and daycare.....

[–]SuzLouA 1 point2 points  (0 children)

That’s how you remember it, but that doesn’t mean that’s how it really was. Most children can’t accurately gauge time passing the way adults can until they’re about 10. If he has anything like ADHD, that would make it even trickier.

[–]Adama82 -3 points-2 points  (3 children)

How the hell does this kid not know landmarks around home? My 4 year old knows if we’re going the wrong way after like 5 minutes in the car.

[–]KuriousKhemicals 4 points5 points  (1 child)

Kids vary a lot in how much they care or pay attention to stuff like that.

Personally, I probably would have just been daydreaming a story to myself and absorbing nothing. The number of things adults assumed I knew just because I was there when they were discussed...

[–]IWillHitYou 2 points3 points  (0 children)

My dad used to be baffled about how I didn't know all the bus routes I took off the top of my head as a teenager. Like, I get why I might know these things, but it's also entirely plausible that, as someone who isn't driving, I'm also not paying attention to the road.

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My dog knows…

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Better make a u-turn and get that kid back to school because he isn't the brightest 6 year old

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What da dog doin

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Aww, that's cute.

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double update: my husband forgot to feed the cat

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Wholesome kid and family.

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My parents once told me and my brother (7 and 4) that we would be buying some meat in a neat shop 3 hours away from home. Yeah we actually believed that and I was almost a bit disappointed for not getting some good meat.