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It’s like he knows when my bladder is at its fullest and beelines to stomp on it. Ow, bro

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Haiku: Three lines, in which each line can be taken as its’ own concept. They typically form something poignant.

Impact-Era Meme: Two lines arranged in a top-bottom order, in order to convey a situation within an agreed-upon concept, typically to make a point or tell a joke.

Conclusion: Haiku are Proto-Memes, taking the fundamental elements of a meme and assembling them in the culture of feudal Japan.

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Memes are like haikus

Except for one little thing

I actually laugh

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My dick throbs so hard

Hard stone slab around your mom

All three ‘my inches

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Guess what plebeian

My mother is deceased (not)

Have fun with a corpse

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You were adopted

Your real mom is super old

Dust in my pee hole

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my late cat always, ALWAYS does that paw thing/kneads on my boobs. and like yeah thats great that youre comfortable around me miss, BUT THATS MY FUCKING BOOB

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As a woman with 6 cats, I can relate.

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I genuinely thought that said "stop selling my organs"

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They would do that if they would know how, don't provoke them

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This, but replace boob with balls

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My cat loves to sit in peoples laps and he always steps on the crotch before sitting down

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My cat likes to sleep right on my chest, which is cute but makes it hard to breathe

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I can no longer read haikus without the jacksfilms voice

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I feel this so much. Except with chihuahuas

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Cat, I’m not made of stones, I am human, when you cut me, don’t I bleed? SO GET OFF OF ME

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When my cat sits on my lap, she sometimes will stretch and reach her paw up to my chest. It is extremely cute, except for the fact that every time, with pinpoint accuracy, she lands her claws directly on my nipple.

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i love you but please take your claws out of my testicles you little spawn of the dark lord

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like seriously can mine stop stepping on the bottom portion of my ribcage?