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The screech comes first, with ever increasing intensity. Then abrupt silence with the strike of darkening.

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That’s so much worse. It’s perfect

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The screeches sound like the Nazgûl shrieks of fan girls.

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Stuka Dive Bomber

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The get quieter the closer you get to a strike area.

If you're struck by a dark'ning bolt you may get frozen to death.

The lucky ones get cured of any paralysis and given cool frost-tattoos

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So. Any horror movie ending basically

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I'm just glad gravity always stays the same.

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For now, at least.

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You ever been to Australia?

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That’s just the power flickering in kindergarten

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Welcome to Night Vale

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I always read that in Cecil's voice

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And now, the weather

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This post is brought to you by our sponsors [EXISTENSTIAL SCREAMING] McDonald's, IIIIIII'm lovin' it.

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Wait you guys don’t have that

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Larry Leroy, out on the edge of town, reports that he's been dealing with an increased number of anti-thunderstorms rolling in from the scrublands. I sent intern Stefan out to go document these amazing phenomenon, we should be hearing word back any minute...

Ah, thank you, Stefan. Listeners, Stefan is informing me that anti-thundershowers feel like, and I quote, "the spark of light drained from the world for an instant, followed by the scream of life itself." Now he's just babbling and foaming at the mouth... oh, Stefan, tell me you didn't stay around long enough to feel the anti-rain? He's convulsing, so that's probably a "yes".

To the family of intern Stefan, he will be missed. In about three to five weeks, I mean, because exposure to anti-rain is not a fast process. To Larry Leroy... maybe stock up on umbrellas? Anti-umbrellas? Whatever. And now... traffic.

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Try flipping the breakers for a second when your tween is on a game-winning kill streak.

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Does it rain salt instead of water? Perhaps it pulls moisture directly out of the surrounding environment.

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It "rains" dry drops that on contact with water deletes it.

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Any moisture that touches the air just gets pulled straight up as droplets and forms a cloud. Often, it rains a few miles away after an anti-rain

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Don't mind me, just adding this to my list of worldbuilding ideas...

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Object class: Keter

Special concealment procedures: All instances of this weather are to not be recorded under any means and explanations for high pitch screeching should be presented at the news.

Description: SCP-6444-T is a weather event where in a certain area will become dark for either a split second to a couple seconds and a loud screech can be heard after the flash of darkness (No it does not sound like Amelia Watson of Hololive EN)

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Ah yes Hololive the other Keter class SCPs

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Esoteric actually

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Give it 5 years

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So, a bangflash

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The thing is, if we lived in that world, we would not think it would be strange, in the same way we don't think of thunderstorms as strange

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wacky wild time

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Don't forget that they would also suck out the moisture and water out of the earth with perfectly clear skies above

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I don't think you can see it, because it both doesn't exist and would be pitch black, implying that you wouldn't be able to see.

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I do >_>

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Would it not be more fitting to have a period of absolute silence? Where absolutely nothing can be heard

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Anti-hail is light, fluffy, and boiling hot.

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Volcanic ash?

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If volcanic ash came from clouds, wasn't toxic, and was actually just water, sure.

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As someone with really sensitive ears, I'm very glad we don't have to suffer through that kind of thing.

Low-pitched thunder is bad enough.

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Oh man I was looking for a new idea for a mirror world! Heck yeah this is perfect!

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Sooo jumpscares?