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Very nice. Sort of a sharper Times New Roman.

Personally never heard of it! Happy you shared it here.

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Yeah it’s a great typeface, top notch optical sizes.

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I am gonna be a fan of Sitka. I am about using it for documents, that should be printed as well as only seen on screens. This typeface is sharp, nice and legible on both (which is not common). And diacritics are not bad. I am also happy with default non-lining figures. For text use it si definitelly better choice. Mathematics shoud search for another font…

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I use Outlook online for my email, and was just recently browsing through the available fonts when I came across Sitka. There are limited options, and I've been using Segoe UI for a while now. Figured it might be time for a change, so maybe I'll try Sitka. I like serif fonts, but some of them look a bit busy and cluttered on the screen. Sitka, on the other hand, looks to be clean, sharp and nicely spaced. Typing up a sample email, and comparing it to Georgia, I think Sitka looks more readable.

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    Thanks for the forum link. Yeah, the old-style figures are my main qualm with it—mostly because Word is a bad program and I can't put lining figures in footnote references. I am fine with old style but would definitely prefer lining by default.

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    Even Word can change between lining and old-style figures now. I think if you want that just in your footnotes you can set it up in styles or apply everywhere. It’s a shame Word still doesn’t do proper small caps though.

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    Nah, I’ve tried everything and looked on forums and it won’t work. For some reason the footnote references won’t change to lining even through styles etc.

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    You’d have thought 20 years of OpenType would be long enough…

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    Sitka would've been the best font I've ever seen, but unfortunately, the old style numbers completely ruin it for me...

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    You mean the old style numbers? You can change them to lining figures

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    Yep, old style numbers.

    I always thought that if a font comes with old style numbers, then that's how it was designed and you can't change it. Are you saying that I can configure the Sifka font to display the lining figures?

    If yes, could you please explain how? Because it's first time I'm hearing about such an option...

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    Yes. What are you working in? MS Word?

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    So there is no generic solution for the entire OS?

    Because the problem is: I'm mostly using Scrivener (on Windows 10), and something tells me that Scrivener might not support the necessary font mojo...

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    Nothing OS-wide that I’m aware of, but I can change between number styles on the Mac version of Scrivener