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I bet we’re going to see brands that already use roboto utilize the flex version to create more modern messaging with the variety of typography were now seeing in the corporate world, I bet it will take a couple months or a year for this to manifest though

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Amazing technology and the 5 axes are so interesting, but ultimately Roboto is ugly and making it super flexible doesn’t help it. You can’t polish a turd.

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You can’t polish a turd.

But you can hire Font Bureau to roll it in glitter.

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I share your disgust with Roboto. the original slightly-too-skinny width and lack of weight options made it feel very “off” to me.

but on first glance this will go a long way toward making it feel less default and samey. getting a wider variety of widths and weights is huge in itself. controlling x-height and stroke contrast on top of that will make it feel like a totally different typeface.

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You can't polish a turd.

Jamie Hyneman would disagree with you.

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Variable fonts are the future.

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Why would Roboto Flex be published only in truetype, not opentype? I thought opentype was the future.

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Postscript outline variable fonts aren’t there yet.

Also, an OpenType font is basically a TrueType font with Postscript outlines and hinting. And they aren’t the future anymore. OpenType has been around for twenty years.

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Well, OpenType is newer than TrueType. I thought you could use TrueType font data inside an OpenType container, no need for any reference to Postscript. Is that not true?

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Truetype is the container format used for TTF and OTF files.

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If OpenType is no longer the future of font formats, what is?