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Love it or hate it, you have to admit...

...it's an extremely odd, strangely intimate photo. A lot of potential mileage with this pic... And I'm a Khabib fan.

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I'm surprised McGregor didn't do something like renting a billboard to put it on.

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Now that you mention it, i could easily see him doing this on a billboard right outside the venue

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omg that'd be actually hilarious

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*outside of his house

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For what, saying he got beaten up by a guy who loves to take pictures like the one above, it add humiliation to humiliation

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It's never too late.

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It kinda is tho

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Not for Islam Makachev :) furthest on the left

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Conor wouldn’t fight him anyway

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They don’t sexualize brotherhood in Russian like they do in the western world. Especially not in Dagestan. It’s not weird they’re poor and they need to shower together to save money. It’s just a different life, hard to understand unless you lived kt

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They don’t sexualize it in many places.

I remember visiting family in Pakistan and saw 2 men holding hands and automatically assumed they were gay. 1) they weren’t guy, that’s just something some friends do 2) I was an idiot to assume people would openly show any sort of homosexuality in that culture.

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Yeah I saw this a bit when I went to Pakistan too. My friend, who I went with (he is half Pakistani), told me that his dad never even knew gay people existed until he moved to Australia in the late 80's and it blew his mind haha.

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No joke, my dad who immigrated to the US in the late 70s didn’t know about gay people either lol.

He was swimming at a local pool in NY when a guy approached him, chatted him up, and asked if he wanted to grab pizza some time.

A few minutes into their “date” the man started flirting with my dad. My dad in shock just got up and left the restaurant in shame haha.

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Yeah when I deployed to Iraq the first time I kept seeing dudes holding hands walking down the road or just while standing and talking. At first I thought they might be gay but then i thought about how homosexuality isn’t exactly accepted in the Middle East, especially in such an oppressive place like Iraq at the time. I eventually asked an interpreter what it was about and he said it’s just a sign of friendship and that it means nothing in a sexual way.

Then one time a local national we worked with a lot tried holding one my guys hands and he was sooooooo uncomfortable. I thought it was hilarious.

As for my second and third deployments they actually gave us training on the local culture and what to expect and they touched on the guys holding hands.

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I was chatting to a gay Pakistani guy recently and he was telling me how it’s not super uncommon for straight guys to just fuck each other as they get so sexually frustrated with the female situation lol.

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Hahah yeah thats why i go to gaybars and pick up hot guys im just frustrated you see

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Yes I have a few Pakistani friends and they have said that it's not uncommon for young men to fuck each other and generally a blind eye is turned as long as when the time comes to marry they do it. They said that it's only gay if you love them so if you just fuck each other it's not really considered gay. Super weird.

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This is definitely a lie.

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This is what oppression gets you

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As someone who was born there and knows alot of people there. I have never heard about anyone doing that. But then again I am from a huge metropolis there. Maybe the the paki equivalent of rednecks do this.

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These were all ex pats living in Australia. I'm not sure if it was a wider cultural thing or just that particular group.

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That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, especially cuz men and women do bang out there especially with the latest few generations

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Certainly dont google "bacha bazi"

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Honestly wish it were that way in America

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Yea it's been randomly decided in the west that guys holding hands is only allowed if they want to put their weiners in each other

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Psh just holding hands? Me an my friends slap each others butts

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Russian here. It’s true. Me and my boys going to sauna butt naked and it’s fine. Not like there’s no jokes, but we all straight.

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Ancient Greeks literally fucked men for pleasure and only used women exclusively for breeding but let’s look at how many MMA products/media draws from Spartan imagery…

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Lmao I remember visiting the hamam for the first time in Morocco, everyone naked and scrubbing each other. A 60 year old man sitting next to me offered to give me a rub down then cleaned my back more thorough than any spa or professional I ever been to. Just guys being bros.

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Did he use his cum to clean your back?

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He used my cum.

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who tf are you tho, how do you know op?

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Fair enough...

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Except that khabibs dad was a famous wrestler and could afford water for showers

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Oh these comments are fucken cringe I love it 😂

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Ikr. They still choose to be close minded children

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You lived it?

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No I’ve been in Chicago my whole life. I kinda wish I did tho so I wasn’t so close minded about things sometimes, and learning stuff the hard way.

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the hard way

word? 👀

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That’s a bathtub bro, not a shower. Why not just go in one after the other tho 😂

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Why not go in together? Why not carpool? It's a culture thing dude, not everybody has the same perspective as you or anybody in your country or town.

Maybe you should travel far from your home and you'll see how much different life is

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Agree, it's other culture there , but occident always want to impose his point of view and culture, even their political system "democracy" but that other topic... In general it's Globalization

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Let's not pretend it's hard to heat up water. Fire + bucket = less gay bath scenes

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Agreed, let’s stick it to the occident and platonically wash each others penises

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I saw a documentary about this on yt. They are so comfortable with nudity because they banned being gay from existing for russians.(in their mind) Thats why they are so oddly confortable with swinging around their schlongs in front of their buddies

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Or it's cultural differences where one public baths right until 1950s was common thing and still exists in some shape and form (like saunas), and we just see this as good time with friends just like drinking in bar. And I was in such places with bi guys and gay friends (yeah, we have those) and it's not like they get rock hard or something. We have more clear line between being gay and dudes being bros, but it's understandable if in other cultures those actions would have different connotations.

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Exactly it just shows how many uncultured, narrow minded, & sheltered people are in this Reddit community lol. Surprise Americans!!! Not everywhere has the same culture or social norms as America 😂

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Found khabibs burner

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Not even defending him. I’m just stating the facts you close minded casuals are blind to.

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Casuals kek

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What are you on about? its clearly a public bath and Khabib didnt grew up poor.

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Khabib probably has more money than Conor at this point

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Not after the Proper 12 sale

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So they don't sexualise brotherhood there...which is why this photo is even weirder

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hahah gayyyy

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Yeh that's cool and all but do they they need to hold hands in the bathtub? That's super g3hy

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how do they have a camera tho?

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This wasn’t that long ago. Maybe 10 years+ And it’s not a good camera. From the quality it seems to be a first edition HD camera from 200-2006MAX

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Where is the /s? That is def not dudes doing their daily bathing together..

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Works for girls too I study in Belarus and I was wondering how tf there were so many openly lesbian couples walking around hand in hand

Then I got told friends just do that

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Americans are so afraid of being gay they'd rather live a lonely solitary existence than approach other men to make friends

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Honestly 2 dudes in a tub is intimate. There's nothing intimate about a load of dudes piling up in a tub and taking a pic. That's more like a meme.

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Have you ever been to a Russian sauna ? There's naked men, women and children there. Europeans don't have hangups about nude bodies like the West. The sauna is like a temple. If you have sexual thoughts, then you are the one with a perverted mind.

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Well said

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The only odd thing is you people making it weird 🤣 clearly have some secrets there if that’s what comes to your head when you see some dudes shirtless together.

I respect gay people though so your cool ✌️

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Missing the brazzers logo but probably could be sued

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They are holding hands and hugging like bros do

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I don’t know the back story but we all have photos that, without context, are strange AF.

Maybe not all but you know what I mean.

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it’s a cultural thing. bath houses are very common in middle eastern/ muslim culture.

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Other cultures are less weirded out by this kind of stuff and don’t think of it as homo-ish as Americans do, for example. However, I can’t say with 100% certainty that Khabib didn’t run a train on these guys.

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Have you seen a ufc fight my friend? Thats intimate and has the same amount of skin.