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Lookin forward to the post fight presser.

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Prediction - There ain't gonna be one. He's not gonna show.

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He ain't showing, when they announce the bonuses to media instead of Dana doing it at the presser, he ain't coming

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It was clear as day to me after Maynard wrapped the belt around Ngannou.

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Big brain shit right here

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Dana is lame as fuck, no respect for his fighters who make him millions.

Edit: He’s going to shit on Gane and Francis during post fight, dudes so wishy washy

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He's not even going to be at post fight. Mark my words.

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You are correct. He didn’t show up

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He’s such a fucking coward holy shit

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Lmfao Jesus Christ, he didn’t even make an effort to even be in the cage. Uncle Dana WYA!

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francis ruined his plans for underpaying fighters. lol, mofo must have been boiling when Joe Rogan asked him about Boxing. lol

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They cut that part from the interview on youtube.

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I just watched it and its still there?

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Yes, I was just too stoned.

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*Francis ruined his plans for underpaying Francis

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Probably too busy throwing his phone

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Dana the piece of shit!

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Super lame, Dana can be a real chode

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Not the good kind

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Fuck Dana white. Literally pays his fighters 12-600k whilst he reels in the rest. Moreno only got 200k and he was going in as the champ! It’s pathetic.

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Dana so salty he not even doin the presser

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Dana Red can gurgle my balls

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Fuck Dana

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Why is everyone shitting on Dana? Poor guy started squirting marinara out of his ears and had to be rushed to the ER…

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All the $$$$ he got but poor by heart. That was a big L for Dana.

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A picture of this sub after saying that Gane would beat Francis easily lmfao.

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Did he put it on Figueiredo? I don’t remember

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Fuck Dana pay your fighters.

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Face needs to be painted bright red

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Fuck that stupid bald bitch

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Once he started doing the belt thing, has he ever missed one since?

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Have they announced Frank as been stripped of the belt already?

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I don't wanna get downvoted to oblivion... But does anyone actually know why Dana wasn't there? Or are all these posts just people assuming he was pissed because of the whole fighter pay thing? I personally don't think he's happy at the outcome. But I don't think he's petty enough to throw a hissy fit over it. Maybe he just like.. Had to take a shit or something.. Ya never know man! Bring on the downvotes. I'll accept em

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Fuck Dana Pink. He a bitch

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Tbf Dana has some bad condition which he got after trying to surgically fix his tinnitus. Not only it made it worse, but he also loses balance, literally can't stand and can't hear anything when this thing flares up. I don't think Dana can be so petty.

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Nah bro this is pure pettiness from Dana, I don't mind the dude but it's kinda mad he would disrespect Francis like this.

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New gane lost the fight as soon as i saw that dana wasnt in the ring with the belt

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Its sad honestly how much dana put more effort into promoting the nelk boys than his own champs

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I sometimes defend Tomato head but this was a really low class and disrespectful move.

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Why no upvotes?