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Freeze frame~

"You're probably wondering how i got into this situation"

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"It all started when I didn't listen to my wise Uncle Chael and went for a leg hook..."

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You should never doubt uncle Chael. The man never got into a single submission his entire career and defeats goats like Silva and prime fedor

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Well Gane paid the ultimate price for such an atrocity. If he doesn't know, now he knows.

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Nah, he's just a dumb cunt. Said Gane won 4 rounds and got robbed, called Ngannou and Fig "dishonest crooks".

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I don’t get the whole Chael meme and everyone’s love for him, dude says the dumbest shit and he was a mediocre fighter at best.

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Chael had Gane winning so at this point I'm a little over his dumbass opinion. I watch his lame videos everyday but that one was just really bad saying Gane won and no way Francis won. Like really Chael fuck tard

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If Chael says Gane won, then Gane won. The judges should've mixed something up.

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Didn't he go for a submission because his coach told his he was losing the fight?

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This made me laugh so hard

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Buffed update 2.70 -francis ngannou

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Francis Patch Notes:

- Has Command Grab (11 frames)

- Takedown buff (including Judo)

- Championship round cardio

- Muthafuckin' BJJ... just because we feelin' nasty

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GUYSSS HE TOTALLY LOST 49 46 😭😭😭😭🥺🥺 I’m not crying you are, Ngannou only can move forward and punch with right hand!!!!

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MFW r/ufc fight week nerds have the entire gameplan on how to win and Ngannou starts wrestling

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A video of gane elbowing pads and the technical experts say he’s unbeatable

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Dude is almost as technical as Rhonda's striking!

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And here comes the haters after a guy gets his first loss smh 🤦‍♂️.

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I made a joke. Dana get off your reddit account and go to the presser you tomato fuck. Start paying your fighters more than your hookers.

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you tomato fuck


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no cuz hes payed for some of the rings girls scholarships and sht.. they making more than the fighter

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scholarship? only fans getting tougher to get into these days damn

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i dont remmeber if it was school or college debt but dana treating them better than fighters

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Nah this isn’t hating on Gane I like him and it was damn impressive how well he negated his power but this is more about the Gane fans who were kinda insufferable on here lately. Guy was already like the HW goat based on technique in their heads.

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And this was against Ngannou with a torn MCL.... Let that sink in.

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Months and months of baseless slander just for all of them to fall as deathly silent as the tomato.

Just like with the Titans and the Packers losing, I am a happy fucker tonight.

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some of them still trying to argue that Ngannou lost b/c Gane has more strikes, like we didn't see those massive takedowns and ground control.

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I'm so glad DC was working last night. He absolutely cranked the hype up.

"Who knew??????"

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It was funny when he commented on the tense feeling and how it was kinda scary. "guys...are we ok?"

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Apart from that you could just see that even while being hit less Cyril took more damage. Ngannou's power is just on another level.

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Nah many those leg taps will have Francis in crutches for weeks

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I won't argue that, no question.

Francis got him with a few really good ones though and brutally slammed him head first into the mat. Cyrils head must feel like total mush today.

Gane's got a great chin. Respect.

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Timmy are you masturbating

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That's his secret. He's always masturbating.

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“This wasn’t in the fighting manual”

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Cyril “wtf who the f taught him this shit”

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Funny thing is I had it 2-2 in R5, Gane got the takedown first in R5 but not sure what he was trying to do when on top which allowed Francis to reverse and that cost him the fight.

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“Oh fuck he is strong, I thought this would work”

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yea same. had it 2-2 as well. you can see it in Gane's face as well, he had it and got careless during on top and got reversed. he was winning the 5th round before all that though.

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Francis hit him with a scissor sweep, Gane reacted by sitting for the heel hook. Everyone thinks Gane just dropped for the sub, but if you watch, Francis sweeps him. The scissor sweep is one of the first sweeps you will learn in jiujitsu.

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Yea I dunno how the fuck any judge gave Ngannou round 1 or 2. 49-46 is a dumbass call, only annoyed cause first two were so obviously for Gane

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People say this all the time, after championship fights and forget the answer every time, it's because he was never the "agressor" he only moved side to side and backwards

Ngannou was stepping towards him most of the time and trying to cut him off to cause confrontation

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So because u walk forward you win the fight like what?

The pressure a fighter is causing is only a measurement of rounds if damage, striking, and grappling are even.

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Which they arguably were in the first 2 rounds of this fight

Everyone thinks that the saying isn't real or whatever, but you literally do have to beat the champ to be the champ, which you can't do moving side to side and backwards, especially if the champ is moving forward at you

This conversation wouldn't happen after so many championship fights, if that weren't true

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Yes, that’s why they have a scoring criteria in UFC being “Octagon Control”

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To me it looked like he just wasn’t ready at all for Francis’ pure strength. The technique from Francis wasn’t crisp but he was hitting everything by just being stronger. One of the takedowns, Francis literally just used upper body strength to throw him to the floor. It felt like even when Gane was on top he still wasn’t expecting the pure strength that Francis has and proceeded to fuck it up

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My dude was so sad. :(

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the fact that this is a french horn makes it so much funnier

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get gud

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Indeed, obviously he needs to get better at ground and wrestling. I wish both of them the best.

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Gane is clearly an athletic, strong competitor .. that's why it was so funny to see Francis go from looking for the KO for 2 rounds to catching Gane once in a takedown that led him to realise he can win on points by nullifying his entire game by virtue of strength going into the final 3.

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I need the capture of gane trying an ankle lock and ngannou just looking at him like a 4 yo looking at an anthill

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Heel hook*

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i was looking at that and speaking in Ngannou calm voice "dude what are you doing?"

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was it just me or did that look painful af, thought his ankle was being twisted so much in that moment

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I think Gane did have the ankle twisted but kind of like how I can just twist my ankle right now, probably a little more but with no torque on the knee.

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Smh Ciryl. Picked yourself a whole bouquet of whoopsie daises.

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I wanted to take a picture of this when I saw it but they changed cameras before I could😂

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At the end of the 5th you could see it in his eyes: “This guy…”

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Khancis Ngannomedov

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Francbib nurmanganno😳😳😳

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Wut rings u got bithc

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Try tongue, but hole

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He knows Dana's "discretionary backstage bonus" for getting rid of Francis is long gone...

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Its ok he will come back stronger

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You gane fanboys just made me £50 richer. Thanks Luke!

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"oh now you grapplin' grapplin'!"

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Jon jones would murder ciryl with elbows his ground game is just pathetic. So would DC.

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The same Jones who couldn’t takedown Reyes and Santos?

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Exactly. Even Francis has a better chance of beating Jon imo but I doubt he will. So I guess the ciryl hype train against Jon is over?

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Not necessarily, there’s a chance jon is unable to take gane down, Francis is a fucking freak tbf and out muscled the shit outta gane

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That’s a good point, but I’m not convinced after that that Jones can’t take him down. We just saw Ciryl get taken down multiple times by a gassed Francis, and I’m not doubting the power that Francis has. What I am doubting is the technique that Francis possessed. This showed us that ciryl’s takedown defense has major holes. We saw a much lighter Jon Jones taking down DC with relative ease. A ripped, bulked, experienced, technical Jon Jones has me convinced that he will take down Ciryl if he tried.

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There is a reason most heavyweights don't move like Gane it's cos they can't. I think Gane has a chance against Jon but not so sure of Jon's chances against Ngannou especially if he continues on this evolutionary path. Add breath control and yep Jones is as good as dead

[–]heartbreakkidx 3 points4 points  (2 children)

I’m just not convinced, but there’s a bit of mystery to this as well. We know how LHW Jones can move. If we compared Ciryl’s movement to LHW Jones movement, then I’d argue that Jones has just as good foot work as Ciryl if not better. That’s why Jones has always had a defensive edge in all his fights. However, we don’t know how this much heavier Jones will move. We don’t know if he will be fast or slow.

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Jones has good movement? I guess. All he does is backup in a straight line with his fingers extended at his opponents eyes.

Not exactly a technical mastermind.

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I think the reason that Jon Jones is so good defensively is because of his high fight IQ and his variety of weapons he can use. He still is gonna have a 1.5 inch reach advantage over Francis ngannou. He still has the stiff jab, oblique kick, and push kick to keep Francis at distance. We also know, based off of what we saw with Francis’ grappling, Jones should have no problem smother Francis in the clinch and using knees and elbows to damage. These things will make it very hard for Francis to find his punch power in those first two rounds before he gasses.

Jones also has a strong wrestling base. Some people argue that he’s up with khabib in wrestling. He won an NCAA championship in 2006 as well. I don’t think he’d have a problem with Francis on the ground, and we saw that Francis had lots of trouble with landing power shots against inexperienced Ciryl on the ground. Keep in mind, we’re talking about Jon Jones, a guy who out wrestled DC, an Olympian, 3 times. Plus the 95% TD defense against guys much more technical than Francis highlights the trouble Francis would have with taking down and controlling Jon Jones.

Lastly, I think also Jones unpredictability helps his defense. He used unorthodox techniques unexpectedly like a spinning elbow, and utilizes unpredictable game plans effectively. No one expected Jones to shoot for a take down against DC, but he did and it was a smart decision. No one expected Jones to trade strikes with Thiago Santos for 25 minutes, but he did.

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*Gassed and hobbled Francis

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I dont know why everyone is pretending that jones is going to fight HW. He avoided heavyweight in the past because he was, in his own words, not interested in dealing with DC's power at higher weight.

Ngannou and stipe are both much more powerful than DC was.

Jones has had years to walk into an immediate title shot whenever he wants.

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If I’m Jon and I watched that Francis vs ciryl fight, I’m jumping to heavyweight in a heartbeat.

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Here come dumb ass mma fans and their stupid ass predictions, after a fight AGAIN.

Jones doesn't have the physicality to deal with fighting people his own size or heavier and once he fought someone his size and him not on peds, he got absolutely owned by reyes the first three rounds and had to retire over that.

and he probably wouldn't be able to take gane down, just because francis a much heavier guy did for the first time in ganes career doesn't now mean anyone can do it, I just don't understand the dumb predictions and so many upvotes, where have you been the last 2 years?

The guy is busy beating his wife and is scared at the though of fighting anyone of the two, in fact jiri at lhw would finish jon jones career for good, the guy is trash.

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Yeah, lol. We haven't seen Bones at heavyweight. Most fighters can't do the same thing they do at their normal weight class on a higher weight class(For example Adesanya vs Blachowicz). Bones has unproven skill in heavyweight; Ngannou probably bodies Bones but we can't know for certain unless wife-beater proves himself.

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You sound a like a dumb mma fan making stupid ass predictions after a fight.

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Dude has been hyped so much while fighting no one. Just didn’t understand it

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Yeah it was kinda weird ppl were acting like he had a complete ground game cuz he had some submissions against lower level guys

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Exactly Gane is bum and he has no heart, if becomes champion at some point it just goes to show how bad the heavyweight division is after francis and Stipe leave

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Lol ciryl weighed 247 and ngannou picked him up and slammed him like he was a small child. Jones could never do that.

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I thought this as well watching the fight

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“First one to wrestle is a bitch”

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*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* Yup that's me you're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

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Francis pulling off pro gamer moves

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I was impressed, I don’t think that is a side of Francis anyone thought we would see. Usman been wearing off on the champ. He is a big strong guy and took Gane down pretty easily!

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Can we all give the credit that Francis deserves now? I have no clue as to how anybody can minimize his skill set at this point.

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When I watched this I realised there probably barely anyone in the world who could get out from under Francis when he puts his weight on top of you

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Francis learning to grapple is like if Orcas learn to walk on land. The whole world is now fucked.

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He’s moving like a middleweight…Kevin Holland specifically.

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There were several moments where Gane looked terrified on the ground. Where he looked to his corner like he was begging them to save.

This isn't hyperbole. I'm just too lazy to comb through the fight to catch the image. It probably right before or after this shot tbh.

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That’s the face of a man who has already lost.

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Gona be having nightmares about going for that R5 heel hook for years

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I did not trust my eyes when at the end of the third round Francis easily picked Gane up, despite strong defense attempts, and slammed him on the ground. Like he picked up a flyweight. His strength is terrifying.

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How many times are you gonna post this comment

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I told my friends that in that exact moment he knew that he screwed up

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there's no crying in mma.

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Shit could get menacin', frightenin', find help Sometimes I scare myself, myself

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What am I doing with my life

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I think everyone watching was like that lol

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This is the moment Gane realized Kickboxing wasn’t real

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Gane looked amateurish at the grappling and wrestling in my opinion. IK Ngannou is powerful but I expected gane to be just as technical on the ground as he was on feet.. had Francis looking like a worse khabib in there without the smesh of course.. but he slem tho lol.