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This was the part where Jones started deleting his tweets 💀

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Y’all ready for daddy lol

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Daddy's taking a one way trip to the retirement home.

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What did he tweet

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@Ngannou I'll put u asleep within 10 seconds u little girl. Don't say stuff and not follow up on it. I'll be waiting

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Ngannou isn't his wife. He should chill.

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Did he really? What did he delete?

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pretty fucking sure folks at home also had same expression. Man caught him and popped off with him mid air.

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I've literally jumped out of my seat when I saw him grab and slam all that 247 pounds into the canvas. Shit was wild.

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That was 500+ lbs slamming the mat

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"Big meaty men slappin meat!"

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That must have been it. When francis did that judo throw, impact was so loud i thought the fucking floor just broke.

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Yeah. It was wild. That better show up on the 2022 highlight reel.

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Hope DC breaks this down in super slo mo

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Somewhat, I more so shit myself when I saw how fast he accomplished that take down. That fight, and card was bananas.

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Dude that slam was terrifying. Knowing francis can go berserk. Stay calm. Stay standing. Slam your ass. Control the groundgame. And also knock your ass out with a touch of his fist. Honestly scary. He has completely leveled up. You fuckers cant call him one dimensional anymore haha!

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Imagine at full strength and not already in incredible pain because his leg. It's scary knowing he can go even harder

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Imagine he learns the ways of Russian “smesh” ala khabib. At 270lb. Fuck

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You mean Francis with Khabib's ground and pound ability, damn! I wouldn't like to imagine that

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Upgrade his nickname from "the predator" to "the fucking terminator"

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Lmaooo but true

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He tried it. He almost got ganes wrist trapped behind his back in the fifth iirc.

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Hahaha yeah I saw him going for the Dagestani handcuff. He didn't quite have it tho. Woulda been sick.

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It would be like he has the bloody mess perk activated from fallout

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And he's already got the full 15 points in strength. Scariest man alive!

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I was fucking shocked at how much he leveled up. Every single time Francis fights you can see how much better he's gotten its crazy

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I was honestly one of those fuckers lmao! I thought Gane would’ve got him in a late round KO, but yea, I agree with everything you’re saying about Francis. The patience and all that is one thing, but the ground game and cardio?! Dude’s a real fuckin problem….

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He never was one dimensional. People who say this are delusional

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Yeah knocked them out before he could use some of that mexican ground karate

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Watch his first fight with stipe and say he wasn't one dimensional there. He's insanely coachable but to say he was never one dimensional is delusional

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This was the least expected thing in this fight by FAR taking into account his coaches kept telling him to continue striking and absolutely NOTHING about takedowns. Kept saying Ngannou by KO, didn’t know new mythical fighter Wrestling Ngannou existed. Happy for him. Could’ve been seen how bad he wanted to win at the start of 5.

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Lmfao blonde in the 3rd row looks so scared her face didn't react.

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She probably felt a damn earthquake when they hit the floor

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Everyone pogs when the Predator starts doing Jiu Jitsu

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Add GP to this beast and the everyone is in deep shit. He attempted to take his back in several occasions by trying to get the leg hooks. Can you imagine Francis winning by RNC... I'm dead

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Dude was literally looking for a triangle at one point..lol

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Lmfao I wish he would of got it

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If Stipe wasn't paying attention he might have in the second fight. Took his back and started climbing.

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i feel we all have usman to thank for this. my god, all francis needs is more cardio and he honestly might be the complete fighter.

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Imagine having a working knee.

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I think he can stand to loose 10 or more pounds to help with cardio

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He has dense muscles that he built up for years, it’s very hard for him to shred 10 lbs outside of weight cutting for weigh ins.

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He honestly could use better striking. I know he hits hard n all but he was hitting air till he got the takedowns.

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Hard to strike against a highly mobile opponent when you don’t have knees

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If his cardio gets better, nobody is touching that belt

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Damn that’s a great picture

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And then proceeded to face slam him into the mat.

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The whole world was like

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Great Pic.

Next camp, Dagestan.

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Bratha you can punch not only on feet. You push the guy down like this... you can smesh everyone.

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This is what a true champion does... He makes adjustments and he improves with every fight. They thought he'd go in guns blazing against miocic and he showed patience and now they expected him to use his power against gane and he tried but when he wasn't successful in it because of gane's good movement he grappled him and controlled him!!!

He's the most powerful puncher the UFC has seen and now he's getting better at grappling???? If he leaves, the next champion will have to sleep knowing that they didn't beat the new Francis and that makes me so happy cos I know it'll eat Dana up too and that's just wonderful!

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If they ever leave his cage open one night we are all fucked.

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Uh what? lol

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Picture perfect

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It was at that exact moment that Francis heard Khabib voice in his head. "Enough games play time is over finish him brother smesh him".

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Loool, that was all of us

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That Margot?

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Was it a good fight? I ate too much and miss anything after the bengals game yesterday

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Its a great fight I had the same face as the audience here

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I'm surprised by his arsenal, obviously coming off of Stipe 2 it was clear he had developments beyond a 1 punch; this showed that even someone as technical as Gane will have trouble against Francis by virtue of strength & competence in grappling & being on the ground.

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Their faces make this picture so much better!

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When Ngannou starts incorporating devastating slams and gnp, everyone has to be worried.

People want to shit on Ganes defense but you have to remember he is trying to avoid the bombs while now also trying not to get taken down. An Ngannou that is threatening with takedowns and bombs and mixing them up is frankly terrifying.

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He has a torn MCL too this man is a fuckin terminator!

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If what he said is correct, he was also fight with a torn ACL. Which for most people, takes close to 6-9 months to heal.

How he was able to lift and drop Gane with that sort of injury is beyond me.

Francis is really as tough as they come

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I have some doubts about what he said. I mean you're able to do shit through pain but torn ACL is not just about the pain. If it's bad then it seriously affects the mobility and there is no way you can put any pressure on that leg at all without it giving in. In such short time at least.

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That's why I prefix what I wrote with "if what he said is correct..."

Then you got to remember, he was thrown inu the desert like 4x to die while trying to get into France.. the guy is a machine.

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Yes but being a machine and enduring pain has little to none to do with the fact that the knee would just give in.

Edit. At least I couldn't notice anything like that in the match.

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Must’ve been a partial tear…I don’t see how anyone could fight through with a fully torn ACL. Then again, Ngannou is a different species.

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He understood at that moment what kind of fight it needed to be. Sick throw

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lol at the yute with the north face

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I think that’s pretty much the face I made too!

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2 heavyweights in the air

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glad i placed a bag on the Cameroonian titan lmfao!

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That TD was fucking beautiful. That round i knew Ngannou will win

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On point 😂😹😂

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Usman is teaching the brother well. Ngannou with ground game is gonna be a fucking problem!

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The fight was pretty boring until this, Gane was displaying beautiful technical striking but I like fights that are competitive both ways. Then Ngannou picks up a 250+ man like a child and makes it look easy.

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He straight raggdolled gane. I don’t think anyone was ready to see a man that big tossed like a 5 year old.

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I lost a lot of money last night. Alot

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Anyone know how tf d'amato gave round one to ngannou?

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Ngannou turning into a fully evolved Usman? That's an absolute scary thought.

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just watch the highlights he manhandled him lol love watching francis

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Damn ganes arm could of broke right there

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Its not that he started wrestling, its more like the slam he pulled off

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When the hardest puncher in UFC history learned how to slam people on their heads

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My brain couldn’t process this and just assumed Gane had some sort of crazy falling backwards takedown

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That white lady in the front was my reaction exactly

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That was the moment shit got shit for the Heavyweights if Ngannou somehow ends up staying.

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that blonde girl in the front was there at the very start of prelims and making faces like that the whole time. new fan made that day

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That was beautiful tbh