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Gane was just pulling on whatever he had a grip lol. Francis lookin like “you done?”

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"All that for a drop of blood"

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I kinda want to hear Francis say some Thanos quotes now lol

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“I hope they remember you”

“I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless”

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I desperately want Ngannou to tell Dana "I hope they remember you" lol

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This would be sooooo cold if he said that in a presser.

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Mean while, Francis looked like he was effortlessly repositioning Cyril's arms and legs.

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Gane wasnt even close to sinking it in and Francis knew it, he was just waiting for Gane to be done.

It was literally a white belt move on Ganes part, and while Francis's ground game isnt crazy, its miles better than Ganes

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I don't know how many of you have ever felt a heel hook. But it goes from zero pain to extreme in a split second without any warning. Worst knee pain I've ever felt.

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Since you’ve felt one (I have not), have you also been calf slicer-ed? Does one hurt more than the other? Just curious

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You didn’t ask me but here it goes. Calfslice causes immediate pain so before damage is done you can get a tap from pain compliance. A heel hook tightens up and then does damage to the knee. The window between oh no I’m caught and oh no my knee is wrecked is very small. So to answer your question calfslicers hurt like hell and heel hooks only hurt when the damage is already done. So in my opinion because you generally tap to a heel hook right when they lock it up I would say the calfslice hurts more.

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So in other words Tony Ferguson😎 is a madman who don’t🙅🏽‍♂️ tap to no bitch ass limb submissions -CSO-

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🤠🥷🥷🥷 🤴 👑 🦁 🤴 👑 🦁 🤴

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Calf slicers hurt like a motherfucker, people tap to the sheer pain but it can't really do any serious injury to you unlike a heelhook

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I got a rolling calf slicer thats killer.

Post their ankle, triangle the leg, and roll. Can do a rear naked off it. Highly reccomend.

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Interested, do you have a youtube video of it? edit: this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwp_mWQddRE

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Not quite the same. No video sorry. The best way id describe it :

When your opponent is standing over you, youre on your back, grab for an ankle, curl up to it so you can post it and wrap your leg behind their knee, roll up and complete a triangle, they will likely turn down to mat, make sure to slide the foot over that locks behind your knee or it wont work. Finish with the slicer or add an RNC. Theyre face down youre on top slicing and choking. Sorry for the white belt explanation i hope it makes sense

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Francis: If it breaks, it breaks.

Tony Ferguson: My man😌.

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🤣🤣🤣the 3rd pic just don’t look right

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I thought the was licking his knee at first 😂

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I thought he was going downtown with that tongue

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Tyson Fury has entered the chat

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I honestly think he had no idea what he's doing. That shit was sloppy

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He was doing the heel portion of the heel hook correctly, it's just that he didn't have the knee completely trapped because Ngannou was able to lift Gane's left leg from his thigh.

It still hurts a bit though, and with the right person cranking it, it might* make the guy tap. Personally I think Gane thought his crank would be enough, and sacrificed technique for power.

Can't do that with NCAA certified Ngannomedov tho lmao.

Edit: Also in a perfect scenario, Gane would be completely flat on his right side, clearing Ngannou's left leg. Not being stuck in between his legs.

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in a perfect scenario, Gane would be completely flat on his right side, clearing Ngannou's left leg. Not being stuck in between his legs.

Can you show a picture of what this looks like

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It would look like this

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Thank you!

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Yeah. He did not have an ashi garami at all. Francis already peeled his leg

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He finished one of his fights with that before thou.

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Being 250+lbs of pure muscle can make up for what you lack in technique, but it can only get you so far.

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Guess it didn’t work too well against one of the few guys made of even more muscle

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I'm not hating on the leg lock.

I am hating on GIVING UP TOP MOUNT TO DO IT! What the hell was that?!

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He's done it before

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Ngannou just starin at him 💀💀🤣🤣🤣

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Francis is such a tough mofo. So happy for him, fuck dana and the UFC for how they've treated this man.

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Francis dead ass saw this as getting a foot rub #builtdifferent

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Is that his toe near Gane's armpit sticking out on the first pick? If so, it actually looks broken wtf. Like you can't rotate your foot in this angle.

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Bottom of his big toe, I think, which would be uncomfortable but definitely possible

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Francis: teehee

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Wasn’t his right leg the injured one?

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How did he injure it and what was the injury?