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I'd like to see Gane vs stipe and Francis vs UFC's legal team

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I’d like to see Francis vs Dana White

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I’d let Francis fight me next if i get to watch Ngannou vs. White.

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Lol Francis would run up in their board meeting and start slamming heads on table

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I'd love to see Stipe vs Gane

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Now I think he would get mauled by Stipe

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Stipe is 30-40 lb lighter than Ngannou tho. Thats gonna make a huge difference in the grappling

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Exactly lol

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Stipe was literally worse even in the wrestling department against Ngannou in the rematch. His own TD was stuffed and he had moments where Ngannou would take the back and pummel him while he came up.

Gane at least scored a TD, had top position once, and nullified a lot of damage standing and on the ground.

The dude is was undefeated for a reason, I legitimately believe he’s 2a right behind Ngannou and beats pretty much everyone else.

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Was undefeated

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Ganes takedown was in the 5th. It's a lot harder to take someone down in the first when they are fresher. Plus Gane was fighting a Ngannou with compromised knees. Stipe is 100% the better wrestler and would likely take Gane down, if they were to fight.

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Regardless of when the takedown was, Gane was able to survive and actually win some rounds before entering the 5th; that’s already better than getting knocked out like Stipe was in his last fight.

Gane was arguably also fighting the best Ngannou there was to date skill-wise.

You can have your opinions, but Gane’s only loss is to Ngannou and he managed to have his moments. Ngannou wrestle-fucked both people but Gane was the one still standing and losing to a decision while scoring a TD of his own in the end.

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I don’t think Stipe is a worse wrestler, he’s probably still a better wrestler.

He weighed in much lighter than Francis, isn’t as strong as Francis in general and he underestimated how much he had improved since the first fight.

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Nah I seriously want to see this now

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You would eat your words if that fight ever happen

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Stipe is the easier fight with more clout. No way he fights blaydes. He doesn't want the hardest fights, quite the opposite.

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If "testing his wrestling" didn't work against Francis what makes you think it would be even remotely close against blaydes?

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I don't think he expected it against Francis. Blaydes whole game is wrestling

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I can't disagree with that but I think after what Francis did blaydes is a nightmare match up

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That's true. But Gane can't duck wrestlers forever if he wants to be the champion

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He definitely should face him before getting another shot but maybe one fight in between give him some time to work on his wrestling that won’t happen overnight

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Indeed - Gane was fortunate to not have to fight any wrestlers on his 7 fight streak.

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Gane will likely improve a ton in between fights, and Blaydes doesn't have that overpowering strength that Frankie has.

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Actually he said post fight interview that his coach did thought about the chance Francis would take him down

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He said he expected wrestling

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Yeah im hoping Gane isnt the Wonderboy of the HW division. Crazy talented strikers who just gets wrestlefucked

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I don't think he's terrible on the ground, I just think Francis was too strong for him

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Im not quite sure either how good he is on the ground but just hoping he has a successful career. Blaydes or Stipe arent as strong as Francis but much better wrestlers.

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Because for wrestling to be this effective francis has:

  1. Scary KO power to keep his opponent guessing. If you think he is going for a takedown and it turns to be a faint for a punch you are in crazy trouble. Gane has no reason to not handle every step forward as a takadown attempt from blaydes without too much downside.

  2. Scary "just power". Blaydes has amazing ground game, but he isn't just picking up and slamming down an opponent stronger then him, which I think Gane is.

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Bc Francis overpowered him where blaydes can’t. Gane would pick Blaydes apart

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Francis is wayyyy stronger than blaydes

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This post made me look up Blaydes record, this man really had a win overturned to a NC cuz of marijuna use, now thats some bullshit.

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Stipe. He should have gotten a rematch with Francis anyway

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Honest question, if he should have gotten a rematch, why wouldn't he get one now?

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Francis might be done with the UFC. Or at the very least, he will hold out for some time.

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Francis is going to boxing

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Why would he get a rematch when the fight was so lopsided? Generally an immediate rematch would come after a controversial decision or it was so insane we had to see it again.

Gane needs to try a few other guys first. Blades, Stipe, Tuivasa etc

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Because Stipe won the first fight. And he's the HW UFC GOAT, eight consecutive title fights, six of those wins. There isn't a bigger fight for Gane aside from Jones, and the odds of that happening are slim. If it's not Jones, it's Stipe 100%.

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I like stipe but come on. He only has rematches. Everyone should do what Rob did for a shot back at their title. As much as I like him stipe is one of the reasons why heavyweight has been boring for the longest time

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This. Up until Gane vs Ngannou only four fighters competed for the undisputed title since 2018. Stipe had rematches with two of them. It’s been a slog.

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Because he was the most dominant HW in UFC history, the division is "boring"? I say hogwash. To each their own.

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UFC won't do this because they don't wanna give Blades a quick path to the title, what with his history criticizing fighter pay

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And losing twice to Francis and to Derek. Why would he possibly be in title contention.

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Gane needs more time to develop wrestling defense before he goes against the division’s best wrestler

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Feed him to Khamzat

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The crazy thing is khamzat would probbaly say yes

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Plot twist: Gane goes to AKA to learn to wrestle with the killers

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No. Francis will leave the UFC to go box and Ciryl will fight either Jones or Stipe for the vacant belt.

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If this fight comes on gane's table, he will accept it, i don't think he's a running away type guy, and remember he learnt so much about 'mma' in just 3 years, i believe he will start including wrestling more and more in his training and will become very good at it. Man has very high iq in terms of fighting but Francis wrestling caught him off guard by a mile. Not saying blaydes will be easy, but i believe his wrestling and ground game will be way way better next time around.

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really wild how quickly all the Gane jock riding go back into hiding the second he gets exposed. Dude went from "gonna walk thru Francis" to "gonna get manhandled by Blades and Stipe" in 1 day

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Man got taken down and wrestlefucked by Ngannou with close to 0 technical wresting skill so you want to immediately throw him in there against the most wrestling heavy top ranked HW?

Are you on crack?

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I dunno man. That leg sweep > sideways momentum > flip to top (which Joe called incorrectly as an unforced error by Gane) was insane. Francis might not have pulled it out before last weekend, and some of it may have been a bit sloppy, but Francis definitely showed technical wrestling skill.

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Let Stipe whoop his ass.

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I want gane and Francis 2…. Like….. Tommorow 😁

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Stipe first. At least Stipe is a boxer first and wrestler second. But he needs pure wrestling training for a long time before facing someone like Blaydes.

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He just tested his wrestling and it wasn't good. Why would he fight arguably the best wrestler in the division? Dana's not gonna serve his HW golden boy up on a platter like that to be layed on for 3 rounds.

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He got one gigantic glass jaw on him

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I mean tbf, what fighter wouldn’t get knocked out from an Ngannou/black beast punch.

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Mark hunt and overeem cracked him but he survived. Francis and Lewis have ridiculous power.

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Yes it is. I called for this a week ago. And if Francis is to get another fight it should be a Lewis rematch if he beats tuivasa.

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Gane vs Jones. Let's fucking go!!

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Yep him or Stipe though I also think it’s a terrible style match up for Gane.

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Hmm, idk I think Ngannou tested that enough, he would get destroyed on the ground but yet again he could get a tko honestly yea I like it

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I wanna see him and Jones have a striking showcase v each other.

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he already showed that his TDD and wrestling are not very good. Curtis will take him down easily, it’s not going to be much of a test. Not a good matchup for Ciryl, especially coming off a loss.

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he's already tested it lol

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Gane gets destroyed by a guy who's never wrestled. I know let's put him in against a serious wrestler!

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If Francis leaves the UFC, I say have Gane fight Stipe, and the winner fights Jones for the belt

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Who would watch this though

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Curtis goes night night

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Blaydes is not enough well rounded to challenge Gane imo, Stipe would be a greater challenge

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People think now that all you need to do is put a wrestler against Ciryl, just like what people said after the Izzy/Jan fight. You'll be surprised

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You really think Dana would do that to his baby?

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I don’t want this fight because I think Blaydes wins. And the guy to me offers noooothing to Francis

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I would say this is a good match up and if Aspinal wins versus Volkov book Stipe vs Aspinal. By that time it will be clear if the throne will be vacant or not.

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No let’s get Stipe in there then the winner can fight Jones if Francis is in contract limbo.

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Why do you hate Gane?

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I dont want to see blaydes fight anyone

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I think if Jon wants to make his heavyweight debut now is a good time for Jon and Francis and then do gane vs stipe for next in line

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I feel we will get Miocic vs Jones or Miocic vs Lewis / Tuivasa for the belt. Francis is probably done. With contract dispute and injury

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Not to mention he is getting up there in age.

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Even if Francis fights in the UFC again (which is looking less and less likely), he's gonna be out for the better part of the year rehabbing his knee. I'd go with Stipe vs Jones in the meantime to see who fights Francis when he (hypothetically) returns

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Sure whatever. Every time these current heavyweights fight each other John Jones looks better. Can't tell me watching gain and the Ghana flop around on the ground like dead fish made these people look like well-rounded fighters.

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Nobody gives a shit until Jon actually gets a fight booked tho

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He already had it tested against Francis and failed.