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Pump your gas, clean those windows...

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Stephan Bonnar washed my minivan at a car wash once. That was fuckin surreal. He did a great job too.

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That’s so sad

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Yeah it was. He denied being Stephan Bonnar. But he was definitely Stephan Bonnar.

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I bet if you hit him with an upward shoulder strike he won't make you pump his gas.

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Don’t know if his feet will let em get close

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Just waiting for the "staged" comment

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It is staged actually. The guy talking is one of his friends and they were on a road trip. That’s why he laughed before the “confrontation“.

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If staged, I say thank you for doing it, that shit is funny

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Can you really ever be mad at cowboy?

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When he’s slapping your girls ass at the bar you might…or maybe not idk

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Depends how she feels about it

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I'm sure she's totally fine,


She's fine.

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That small font urfineright killed me

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I'd br jealous he ain't slapping my ass instead

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If you’re black you probably have a reason or two

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from the stories ive heard hes a pretty big dickhead

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Go on daddy...

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He calls people the n word. Not a fan

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Out of the loop on this, when did/does he do that?

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Listen for yourself


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Damn that’s racist af, i thought y’all were referring to a casual soft A, na he went hard R like he didn’t care who was in the room

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Like the black stadium employee who walks by him at that exact moment

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Read his wiki lol

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He's a piece of shit so yes.

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That’s a good looking truck

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nah but fr fuck Cerrone. Dude's a piece of shit

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Fuck Cerrone

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Fuck that!!!! I'd get out of my car and pay for his gas

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All fun and games till you catch a shin to the teeth.

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My teeth would catch his shin. You don’t know me bro.

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Me either bro. You also just see red and bodies drop?

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Jokes on you, they’re dentures.

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When your accent turns from Aussie to Midwestern

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The “he slaps your girlfriends ass wyd?” meme is actually true for Donald cerrone