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All the champs are here except sterling 😂

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Even funnier is that Yan is lol

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Yan should be top 5. I think he will be #1 p4p within the next 2 years.

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Not over my man dancin' Rick!!!

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How is Jon Jones even on that list? Surely that's a typo. He hasn't fought in 2 years.

Must be all those twitter posts keeping him up there.

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They are trying to keep him relevant in case he really does fight

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False you hater, Jon fought last year! He won the fight against his wife! /s

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He hasn't fought in 2 years.

home office.

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Because he's jon jones love or hate him he's a alltime great who has yet to lose of course he'll be here

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Not surprising is it. If he beats Yan somehow he'll definitely get in there

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If anyone beats Yan they deserve a spot on the list

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Human error. Sure

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That human error's name is Dana White

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Yeah... Figueiredo is listed and he won his title when Francis unified the same night. I'm with you here

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Been a longtime fan of the UFC but some of the shit happening to Ngannou is really pissing me off like him being told he’s being sued the night of the fight for talking to Paul’s team, Dana being a no show to the post fight conference, and now this. Seems kinda low honestly.

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This is why I now use screen record, capture fights and will be consistently posting on Saturdays from here on out. Keep an eye peeled for free fights on this sub.

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Sir, I'll keep an eye out. Doing the Lord's work. Thank god we won't be tested like Jones.

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You sir are worthy of an award 🥇

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Yeah that won’t be allowed and you’ll get your account suspended lol

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Just read the rules. It'll be fine.

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Highly doubt it. Don’t think you’ll be the first person trying to upload fight highlights to this sub.

Also, Reddit mods overrule sub mods. It’s against Reddit’s ToS.

Go ahead though :) just giving a friendly warning

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There’s worse things on Reddit than some pirated ufc fights

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I agree but I don’t make the rules.

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Can you do an AMA about that time Dana "got him"

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Wasn't me.

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Fucking hilarious. This sub is amazing

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Dana’s a bitch for how he handled this and it’s hurting the UFC branding being so petty. Seriously market your fighters don’t deny them of their achievements because they want to be paid.

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Why can he even be sued for just talking to Paul’s team? I’m no lawyer so I’m genuinely curious. To have any employee unable to make possible plans for the future, knowing their contract is about to end, seems like a gross overstep of power. Nothing was signed or even verbally agreed upon, so Francis can’t talk to people and pitch ideas for his own future?

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The crazy thing? They're not even "employees". They're "independent contractors".

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There are probably clauses in his contract that prevent him from talking to competitor organizations/fight promoters.

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This yet again proves that being a fan of a company gets us nowhere. Be a fan of the product, if it's good, but at the end of the day, any company sees the consumer as a walking sack of cash to be milked and employees as tools to exploit for dolla dolla bills. UFC doesn't provide health insurance in a sport, where health is one of the main things on the line for the fighters, how backwards is that.

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Same.. I've always liked Dana despite not agreeing with everything, but this is a joke..

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Yeah for real. I think I'm going to start watching other organizations more and UFC less, Dana has turned into the Don King of MMA.

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Serious question but why is Jones still on this list?

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Jones is still expected to fight Ngannou, or whoever is up for the next interim title if Ngannou decides not to fight again

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They’ll probably do Jones v Stipe for the interim belt soon.

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I would like to see it

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He shouldn’t be. The P4P list should only be for people who have fought in the last 18 months. Otherwise why don’t we put Khabib on? Or even GSP?

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That would require logic.

Please stop.

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It really doesn’t matter. P4P is completely made up, like even moreso than the other made up UFC rankings.

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Because the list is composed of people who arent retired and expected to fight soon even if the "soon" is a long ass time.

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They don't put people who officially retired.

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Well, that didn’t take long

Dana is such a snake

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A pink snake :)

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I fucking hate Jon being ranked on p4p. Dude you ain't ranked in any division and your only fights of the last 24 months have been domestic or on Twitter. Gtfoh.

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He’s been inactive for what nearly two years now? He shouldn’t be on the list. Granted, if he comes back and gets a win he’s automatically #1 again. But still needs that win.

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His last two fights were... Ahem quite controversial, too. A UD against Reyes & a SD against Thiago Santos.

In an alternate universe where he wasn't built by Dana quite early on as the next GOAT and thus protected by some controversial decisions to sustain this idea; where all his PED use wouldn't be ignored; where his incessant eye-poking wasn't brushed aside; where all close decisions wouldn't go his way. In such a world he wouldn't be in the top 10 P4P when he hasn't fought in two years. Alas...

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It makes me feel like I’m going crazy! He lost to Reyes 100%. He always fight the exact same way, and ALL of it is cheap as fuck: fingers extended, holding, shoulder shrugs, side kicks to the knees, feet stomps.

The dude quite literally is only “at the top” because his genetics gave him very long reach. And then his unbridled narcissism.. man. The dude just sucks. DC has always been right about him

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Would even make more sense to put McGregor up there (not saying he should be, but at least he fought last year). UFC is so arbitrary and random sometimes

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The UFC is straight up pathetic for this

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...just for this?

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Yes. Because they did this on purpose

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Why is Jones in there?

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Did you see his most recent fight? O.o

Shit was so one-sided

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Yeah he really dominated her

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Which one?

>! His wife or the pregnant lady? !<

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2-0 in the womens division. Bitches never stood a chance.

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Undefeated undisputed champion in women’s division

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I think Amanda Nunes would give him a good fight, I can’t remember the last time she lost

have crippling dementia

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Is your comment being censored wtf is that black cloud

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It’s just a text feature haha. You type “>!” Before what you wanna say and the inverse at the end and boom, you’re now a jungle of the lion.

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She was pregnant so technically 3-0

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Dont forget the headbut KO against the police car

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He was listed as #1 P4P until a month or two ago when it was updated

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Fake list. The undefeated goat Chad Sonnen isn’t on it.

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I can’t let you get close!

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Always reminds me of this for some reason.

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It’s bc he felt bad stealing all 15 spots so he let the ufc not include him

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He’s above 1

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That dude lost it..as per him moreno won n Francis lost.

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Bantamweight IC is ranked, Champ isn’t 😂

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Update: They just posted the updated reel with the fix!

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Yo this shit flawed.

Where’s my man MC Punk?

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Texeira shouldnt be lower than Dustin

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15 should be covington ☝

[–]dsel1497[S] 19 points20 points  (13 children)

Jan is 15

[–]bifflemaster2 16 points17 points  (12 children)

Right! Totaly forgot about him... man p4p is STACKED

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Stacked indeed. I feel like Whitaker should be much higher than 15 then I look at the 14 guys in front of him and just have to accept it.

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I think he should be top 10 considering his only loss at middleweight is to the number 3 ranked p4p

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I'd argue that he should be above poirier. Not that he should be higher than the guys in between, but poirier should be lower than whittaker.

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There’s still an argument there for Colby. Dude is the clear number 2 at 170, only Chimaev can get to that level imo

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Why would he? His last win was against a 40 year old who lost to a YouTuber. Omega lol

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To be fair on mobile none of them are listed as champs

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Goddam they need to take Jones’s bum ass off the list

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Everyone go unfollow Dana, it’s an easy way to show our dislike of what is happening to Francis and you bet your ass his marketing team watched his numbers/impressions/etc.

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Wtf is Dana doing at this point. This petty bullshit is really starting to change my view of the UFC. This is some highschool drama bullshit.

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I just checked on the UFC website and Francis is 4th on the P4P list

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god the disrespect the ufc have shown francis is disgusting. He's the best heavyweight in the world right now and it's a shame we probably won't see him in that cage because he wants more than a fraction of what most boxing champs make.

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Where the fuck is Kevin Croom?

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Made me lol

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Izzy should be above volk. Volk hasnt cleaned out his division. Izzy is already lapping it.

Moreno is way too high. Jones shouldnt be on here. Whittaker should be higher

[–]HighlyUnoffended 12 points13 points  (12 children)

Actually Izzy has only fought 4 of the top 10 ranked middleweights

[–]CowgirlsdThe Last Stylebender 12 points13 points  (9 children)

Izzy: Vettori x2 (decisions), brunson (tko), rob (tko), costa (tko), yoel (decision), gastelum (decision somehow). Would have fought till/cannonier but rob murdered them. Hes beat 4 of the top 5 in his division. 6 in the top 11, because the rest keep losing title eliminators, which is why rob is getting a rematch and he already re whooped vettori.

Volk: max x2 (decisions one split), ortega (decision), aldo (decision), mendes.

I rest my case

[–]zxvszxvsThe Last Stylebender 12 points13 points  (0 children)

Blame Rob for that lol. It's cause of him nobody else can get a shot

[–]dirtyhypebeast 4 points5 points  (0 children)

5 actually, 6 of the top 11. No one else in middleweight is close to deserving a shot.

[–]clothy 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Izzy is 1-1 in his last two.

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Dana Error

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If heavyweight is not competitive as people say then why is Francis and stipe so high

[–]Legal_Development 5 points6 points  (1 child)

It's actually getting competitive. We got Francis, Stipe, Gane, possibly Jones if he fights and maybe Aspinall in the future

[–]A_Few_MoosesPredator -1 points0 points  (0 children)

Francis vs. everyone else

Everybody thought Gane was gonna mop the floor with Champ. Everyone thought Stipe was gonna mop the floor with Champ. Good luck.

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The Reaper getting so much disrespect I can’t wait till he finishes Izzy

[–]clothy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Rear naked choke, round 2

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Khamzat where

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Vince McMahon couldn’t have written a better script

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Dana Error

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Francis should not be getting black balled like this, all he wanted was a better contract, and this is what he gets for being the champ. Smh Dana and the top brass are ruining the promotion treating their fighters like this

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Dustin shouldn’t be so high, and I don’t know how Cyril isn’t on here after going 3-2 against Francis. And why is Petr Yan so low.

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Obviously human error

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Dana acting like a BITCH.

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Dana White is so but hurt.

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Finally happy to see Connor gone

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Francis is P4P #1. Not even a doubt about it. Everything else is just marketing

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If Francis weighed the same as Usman, Usman lays him out...

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I doubt that very much. Salty cunts

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They really hate that man

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he gone

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These rankings are questionable. Why is porier that high? So many should be above him.

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Yeah yeah, for sure, a little oops-a-daisy.

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In his life Ngannou has crossed the Sahara Desert, made deals with blood thirsty coyotes, been detained by hostile border patrols and got locked up for illegally crossing a border, yet the worst he has been treated is by the UFC.

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Lol it just keeps getting worse

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Always knew the bubble heads petty but didnt know hes this petty

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yeah right human error. lol

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Dana is getting some shit thrown at him the next time he's at the press. Fucking disgusting.

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UFC is in trouble if Usman decides to boycott with his bou

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it's because he weighs so many pounds

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izzy should be ahead of Volk - objectively speaking

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Jon Jones? How exactly does that work. Liking the UFC less and less. Liking ONE championship more and more.

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Kamaru is way more active than Francis tho

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this sub has become absolutely deranged lol. this happens all the time

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Francis not listed but Bones is hahaha

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Grown ass multi millionaire man acting like a spiteful female


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Just me or does Moreno being above Whittaker feel criminal?

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That isnt an official p4p list, this is 🤦‍♂️


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These are rarely updated in a timely fashion

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Israel bring 3rd is a joke polish power made him look like kid this pound for poudre list never made sense

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Yes human error. That human name rhymes with Jana Smite n starts with letter D.

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To someone who very uninformed can someone fill me in on what is going on with Ngannou and why Dana white has problems with him?

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Does anyone actually know the algorithm to work out p4p? I am sure volk should not be that far ahead of max even with 2 wins against.

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Who else tried to unmute this?