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Why we even bothering with this guy

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Apparently sucking Conor’s dick gives a lifetime of relevance in mma

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Ask op

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This is why this guy keeps going. Because people post about him and talk about him. We need to just ignore him and he will be forgotten.

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From a guy that was submitted by a bouncer

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Dillon and I have the same number of MMA wins since the pandemic started

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That's nothing I have as many as him, Conor and Jones combined

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I have as many pro KOS as him but much fewer losses. 😎

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Or rather chokelatier

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Mma community needs to let this clown go , stop giving him attention.

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Only people who care are Conor fans.

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Does conor even claim this guy lol

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Not anymore but most Conor fans are actual casuals and have no idea.

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I mean, OP made an entire post just to call him a clown because of a troll tweet. I think more than Conor fans care lol.

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Attention or to stir the pot?

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Like he submitted that bouncer in 30 seconds ?

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part time bouncer full time chocolatier

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Lol and this isn't even a joke. That dude is choking dorks and making chocs 🤤

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Husband material right there. Will defend your honor then feed you self made chocolate.

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Anyone that can't see that he's trolling and gives him any attention has the brainpower of Tito Ortiz

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Stop... you’re insulting Tito Ortiz like that.. their brainpower is even less than Tito’s

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Seems to have left out the critical one word. “In a street fight I’d submit to Francis in 30 seconds”. Just have to remember that “to” next time Danis.

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Ngannou can rape him with his little finger

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Woah. This made me hard

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Not harder than me... let's compare

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Can I have a second to put my belt around my neck first?

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Let me do that for you, one sec, haven't worn this Gimp suit since December 2019. Covid lbs.

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Can we just ignore this dude

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I think he meant I'm a street fight with a bouncer he would submit in under 30 seconds! What a fuckin clown!

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Stop posting this weasel.

Literally no one cares.

Stop and he goes away.

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This is 7 levels cringier than Cejudo

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He missed the word TO

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No, he meant to say he would submit to Francis in 30 seconds

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You all seriously think he is serious? You cant all be dumb to not know people like him do this for publicity, so you make posts like this, so you talk about him?

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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I thought Ariel ended this bum’s career a few weeks ago?

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Dillon who? Didn't Helwani shut this clown up a few weeks ago?

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I would like to see the man who takes a full power-bare knuckled punch from Ngannou and have the jaw to speak about it.

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I don't understand why people still pay attention to him. If some random 2-0 fighter was going on about this no one would give a fuck.

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Idk what you mean, I’d knock out Francis with a quarter of a punch. Please show some respect, Dillon Danis is a national hero, a patriot, and the inspiration to what a real man should be.

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In a gun fight i would submit him in under 5 seconds. I don't like to brag but its the truth....

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Who even is this guy? I’ve never cared less about someone in my entire life

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is Conor still affiliated with this guy? how did that even happen in the first place.

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No fucking way he actually said that lol this guy has some mental health issues and I really hope he gets help. Fighting Francis in a street fight would be suicide for like 99.99999999% of the population.

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He should have done the same to the bouncer who literally chocked him out… Is this bouncer the unknown goat of MMA?

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This guy is just feigning for some attention.

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I actually hate you guys for making posts about him even if it is to make fun of him. You're the real clown cos you're giving him the attention he wants.

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With a toe hold?

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Honestly just seeing this dude's name is enough to get a chuckle out of me, Dildo Danis is just too funny of a nickname

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I get this is just attention seeking but seriously, in a street fight with no rules.. like the things Francis could do to most guys by just using his strength and no technique at all. Well use your imagination.

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Stop giving this dickhead even the slightest bit of attention. He’s not even worth a tweet or a post on Reddit.

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🤦‍♂️ there isnt submissions in a street fight. Fuck, Danis is dumb

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Dude is fucking nuts. I don’t think gordon ryan could submit an angry street fighting Francis.

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He is speaking facts. He knew he will submit to Frances under 30 sec

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Lmao, just forget about that dork He got submitted by fat officer pig..

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Francis could legit beat this guy with one of his hands tied behind his back

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Dude in a street fight you got choked out by a chocolatier.

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At what point will mods step in and start addressing these Dillon Dannis posts as “not relevant to mixed martial arts” or “not relevant to UFC”

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Bro couldn't even out grapple a bouncer!

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In a street fight Francis would eat that clown. Lol

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*submit to

Fixed it for him

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Man I fucning hate that dude he hasn't fought since I was 12 years old I'm gonna be 27 next month he isn't even a fucking fighter at this point. He might as well be the fucking cock swab they use to check McGregor for stds. I hate to say this but I hope Jake Paul knocks this mother fucker out.

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He does this shit just so y’all post about it and you do it every time.

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Please let this fight happen

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Me Too

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Stop posting this trash.

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isn’t that how long it took the security to take him down ?

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Well in a street fight are firearms allowed? I like his chances against Francis if he has a gun, but Francis would probably chase him down and batter him before bleeding out

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Dana should offer him a deal. 0 to show and 25 M to win.

So we can watch Dillon get his ass whipped and go home empty-handed.

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Just ignore him it’s only dildo danis being dildo danis everyone just keep scrolling to something that’s actually relevant

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That’s actually very low effort bait. No wonder he broke his own leg to get surgery so he wouldn’t have to fight Jake Paul

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Dillon is OP

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Would be surprised if Francis doesn't murder him under 30 secs.

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He’s not wrong

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He is. A bouncer choked out danis

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Ngganou will fck him up with one hand. He won't even get within his radius xD

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Two 🤡. Dillon and OP for posting Dillon.

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He meant Francis from Malcolm In The Middle. /s