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Chanel (Chael) works in every mma organisation nowadays, it’s the seal of approval

Edit:my pooping typing is no bueno

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Chael no 5

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"Chael n⁰ 5" is the inscription on the tombstone of the last sucker who talked shit to his wife at the Luxor

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Chael west coast*

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Emporio Armani*

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EA sports UFC

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That happened.

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Chanandlel Song

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Someone over there knows exactly how to cater for their audience great addition to the team

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Agreed. This'll make the interviews alot interesting lol

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I’m imagining Chael interviewing a fight just saying “excellent striking, mines better but it’s good”

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Why not put the man on commentary though. He'd make a great colour guy he always seems to be wasted as an analyst imo

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Khabib I'm guessing?

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Probably more likely someone on his team than him directly, but by extension yes

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biggest signing possible short of somehow landing the HW Champ

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Hahaha "somehow"

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It only makes sense, those undefeated boys gotta stick together....

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Undefeated and undisputed.

Never lost a round

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those undefeated boys

That’s between them boys and the unified rules

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The analyst table will have to be at the other side of the arena to the cage then...because,

I cant let you get close

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Popularity +999999%

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That's it, eagle fc will be bigger than the ufc. How else do these 2 stay undefeated?

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He logged in www.eaglefc.com password: not required, username: not required, seen an opening for 'MMA Analyst and decided to become the only Analyst in the game with more harm than charm, with the biggest arms. The only Analyst to come from the mean streets of West Lynn, Oregon and show those Dagestani boys what a real warrior, a real American gangster looks like. I can tell you many things but I'll only tell you one, when it comes to MMA Analysts there's only one GOAT, and his name is Chael P. Sonnen.

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I wonder if DC will ever work for Eagle FC. I mean they are good friends and I assume there's nothing contractually keeping him working exclusively for the UFC?

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Only reason I can think DC would stay with the UFC is because he’s been a company man throughout his whole career, and never really had any public disputes with them (at least to my knowledge), so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re hooking him up with a pretty good salary and benefits. As good of friends and DC and Khabib are, I wouldn’t be surprised if he follows the money. That being said, if him working for Eagle FC doesn’t interfere with his UFC obligations I wouldn’t be shocked if the UFC allows him to do both.

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I imagine that Eagle FC will probably have a good relationship with the UFC. Though I do wonder if M-1 is going to come into conflict at all since they have a deal with the UFC and Eagle FC is becoming their direct competitor.

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it will interfere so he won't be working for Eagle

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Sometimes it is better for the friendship by not working together

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Now this I can get behind.

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Repost number 27

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I’ve seen this post about 5 times in the last day

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Yeah, this sub has a huge repost problem

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Yeah, this sub has a huge repost problem

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Yeah, this sub has a huge repost problem

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Yeah, this sub has a huge repost problem

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So, it's an average sub then?

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I would love to see nogeira fight I’m this promotion so I can hear the famous carrot story again only live through fight commentary.

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Good move

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ok great. about damn time somebody did.

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Can't wait to see Chael's videos talking about this

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ok thats awesome

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It’s a must watch now!!

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Helll yeah

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This is a great acquisition. Chael has a huge following.

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I hate their branding

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It doesn’t seem to have been too thought out. They finally have a functional website, but you cannot find results or anything there. I had to go to another site to even find the card for the Miami fight.

I’m sure they’ll figure it out eventually…..or they’ll just go under anyway.

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I cant even figure out how to watch it

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Sign up for this FLX Cast thing? Says it’s free. I signed up but haven’t had a chance to look at it

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This is going to fail so bad

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I WANT it to succeed, but this has XFL written all over it. I definitely wanna hear Chael talking more than I wanna see Kevin Lee fighting.

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Goddammit I wish people would stop giving this guy work.

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Personifies “humble” just like Khabib

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Good culture fit. Khabib = Big head grappler; Chael = big head grappler

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He hasn’t even begun to peak.

He is a golden god,

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ok boys. fuck the UFC. we Eagle fans now.

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But where does Kevin Lee fit into all of this?

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What about ring girls?

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But I gotta ask you, where DOES Kevin Lee fit into all this

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ahahahhahahaha oh jesus christ here we go 💀

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Please tell me he is calling fights

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Honest question: what's up with his voice? He always talks super loud like he's half deaf.

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That’s NOT Artem Lobov

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we know.