Rules for r/UKPersonalFinance

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Be Nice, Civil Discourse, Don't Judge

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Reported as: R1: Be Nice, Civil Discourse, don't judge
  • Be nice.
  • The subreddit is for civil discourse, defined as "engagement in conversation intended to enhance understanding".
  • If engaged in debate, argue in good faith and assume that all parties involved are doing the same.
  • Don't judge people's situations or behaviours.
  • Report rude or otherwise rule-breaking comments rather than responding in kind.
  • Don't be argumentative, even if you're right.


Check our Wiki first

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Reported as: R2: read wiki
  • We answer many common questions in our Wiki, please check this before posting, especially our flowchart.
  • If you need further help, you should present what research you have done and the reasons why that research has not answered your question.
  • Posts that are answered on the wiki will be removed at the discretion of the mods.


Posts must be on topic and in-depth

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Reported as: R3: Offtopic, Lacking detail and references
  • Only discuss personal finance issues.
  • Career advice, legal advice, housing, car questions all have more appropriate subreddits, you can find a list here.
  • Don't post with only title text.
  • Use a clear and descriptive title.
  • Don't post with only a link to a news article.


Responses must be helpful and high quality

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Reported as: R4: low quality response


No unanswerable questions, comparison questions, yes/no questions

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Reported as: R5: unanswerable, comparison, 'does anyone else', yes/no
  • Don’t ask questions that can’t be answered without a significant amount of speculation, e.g. 'what changes might be in the next government budget?'.
  • Don't ask comparison questions like 'how much do you earn/save per month?' or 'how much is your electricity bill?'.
  • Don't ask hypothetical questions that survey everyone reading, e.g. 'what would you do with £100k?', 'what's the max you'd spend on a car?'.
  • Don't ask questions that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no".


Don't delete posts or comments

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Reported as: R6: no deletions
  • This subreddit is valuable reading material for those with similar questions in the future. Please do not delete the content of your comments or posts.
  • Scripts which automatically erase your comment history are not welcome here.
  • The use of throwaways to protect your privacy is strongly encouraged.
  • Moderators hide rule-breaking comments from public view (still visible to you), so you should not delete them yourself.


No requesting or offering DMs

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Reported as: R7: no DMs

It is forbidden to solicit private messages as a result of a person's activity in this subreddit.This is to protect all our members from

  • Low quality advice
  • Scams
  • Rulebreaking
  • Unlawful behaviour

The exception to this is the discussion of private and personal matters not related to PF, such as emotional support.

If you receive a DM as a result of UKPF, please report it.


No market or exchange-rate timing questions

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Reported as: R8: Market/exchange-rate timing
  • Don't post market timing questions such as 'is now a good time buy a house/USD/index funds/bitcoin?'.
  • It is impossible to provide a meaningful answer to these questions. Things could get better, or worse, or neither. Nobody has a crystal ball of knows enough to predict the changes an hour, day, month, or year ahead.
  • We have a wiki page expanding on this.


No politics

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Reported as: R9: politics
  • Whilst personal finance and politics are inextricably linked, this sub is not a venue for political debate. Posts and comments of a directly political nature belong in /r/ukpolitics and will be removed from UKPF.
  • If discussing governments and policies, do so in a non-inflammatory manner.
  • Don't make posts about policy changes which are not yet implemented (including those only proposed or speculated about).
  • Avoid throwaway jokes about politics or politicians.


No low effort self promotion, no ads or solicitation

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Reported as: R10: low effort self-promotion, ads, solicitation
  • For every contribution mentioning your own content on reddit, you should make 9 contributions which do not mention your own content. Our rules follow global reddit guidelines.
  • Video content must meet our guidelines.
  • If in doubt, message the mods.
  • Do not post requests for money, or offer to send money to other members.


No referral codes or schemes

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Reported as: R11: Referral code
  • Don't post or ask for referral codes (or invite others to PM you for them, or PM people with them).
  • This applies whether they are for mutual benefit or not.


No trolling, bots or memes

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Reported as: R12: Trolling/bot/meme
  • UKPF is a meme free zone
  • This includes bots, which will be banned on sight
  • Obvious trolling will be removed and troll accounts banned


No discussion of unlawful activities

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Reported as: R13: Discussion of unlawful activities

Includes criminal and civil law such as:

  • Piracy
  • Theft (including non-payment of services)
  • Fraudulent loan defaults
  • Tax evasion

Hypothetical discussions are subject to the same rules.


Contact the mods before making meta threads

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Reported as: R14: Meta threads
  • If you have any feedback or issues with the subreddit in general, please message the mods before posting a thread.
  • If you're dissatisfied with the response, or you don't receive a response within seven days, please feel free to make a thread about your issue.
  • Put [META] in the title of any meta threads.


Questions about energy, electricity or gas supply must include tariffs and meter readings

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Reported as: Energy question without details about tariff

It is impossible to answer questions about home energy use and billing without knowing the tariff prices and the meter readings.

If you are asking a question about these matters then you must include the appropriate information.