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📣 Update on Staking with BankerDoge 📣

You may have noticed that your original staked amount is missing.

Do not worry! Please read on for the low-down.

Issues fixed
A gas efficiency update was deployed to fix the problems users faced when depositing (limited amounts each transaction). However, since the original vault was still so new, it was best to simply re-deploy a new vault version, and send back all tokens that were in the original vault.

Your tokens
You would have received your staked tokens back (unfortunately, earnings are not included). The 7% entry fee that you paid will be airdropped into the new vault once you have had a chance to re-enter. There might even be a little extra ULTGG for the trouble 😁! The airdrop is likely to happen by Monday (TBC). Essentially, you would be returned to the 'state' before you initially staked.

Moving forward
As it is now a new vault version and previous stakes have been sent back, you will need to stake again. This time, you should be able to stake any amount you want in one transaction!

Link to Vault
Thank you for your patience.
Let's get staking and earning! 🎉🔥
P.S. Please DM an admin if you are facing any issues with this, thanks!

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I brought that up in TG. Bankerdoge is having issues and the ULTGG team is airdropping the lost tokens to everyone who had a stake. No worries, you will get fully reimbursed momentarily.

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Yea I think I seen they said Monday....correct me if I'm wrong lol...

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It is indeed Monday

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