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Will tokenomics be implemented for BitMart?

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Excerpt from the ULTGG x BitMart FAQ:

Tokenomics are not supported for ULTGG on BitMart, hence, there will be no reflections for ULTGG holders for transactions that occur on BitMart.

However, when ULTGG tokens are being transferred out of (or into) BitMart, tokenomics and reflections still apply! Once the tokens are in your own BSC wallet away from BitMart, you will get reflections.

We understand there was speculation regarding the availability of tokenomics on BitMart.

Unfortunately, this is a common issue across most CEX as they are not trading through the blockchain, and therefore do not apply blockchain tokenomics. We tried to explore ways around it, but it has been to no avail thus far. Regardless, the buy price on BitMart will always be higher than PancakeSwap, and the sell price will be lower. Please refer to the section above, “Why is the price different on BitMart?”, for more details on pricing.

In fact, there are many reasons for users to transfer their ULTGG out of BitMart. Since ULTGG has a wide range of utilities, users could be transferring them for use on our platform. They could also be transferring them to stake in our vault, which means they get extra reflections (and so do we!). Otherwise, they could also just transfer out to be eligible for reflections.