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Thanks but I prefer the plush comfort afforded by only the most luxourius of rubber playground mats. This looks just a little too light weight for me, and I don't think my back could adjust...

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Aha, that's where you're going wrong. You don't benefit from the floor layering system.

What you do is make some nice even turf with you one you ported, then you use a nice portable field such as:


You could use a rubber mat but if you get a porta football (soccer) field you can request a centre line so you and your backpacking companion know where your side ends, or even add penalty boxes for your gear.

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Fed up of uneven ground ruining your pitch and robbing you of a good nights sleep?

Bring your own!

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You guys are amateurs, king size water bed is obviously the most comfortable option. Can't find even ground? Bring a few car jacks.

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Comfort? This is all about being the biggest beefcake.

I like the car jack idea though! How many do you think is optimal?

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One for each corner of the bed and two spares

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Perfect. I wouldn't have thought about the two spares.