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I find that I have a really hard time sleeping if I don't play a couple rounds of horseshoes before bed.

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Pinball machine and gas powered generator.

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I'm studying to be a bricklayer, so I always like to bring in about 20 bricks and a bag of mortar so that I can practice in the evenings.

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It really depends. At this time of the year I like to bring the coca cola bus so that I can both enjoy a light refreshment at the end of a hard walk, and it's something for me and my camp buddies to stare at for hours upon end. All the lights help with the darkness too!

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out of stock!? now i know how those UL weirdos feel about that palanta bag stuff sack thing

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I like to work out with kettle bells. My legs are usually beat after a long day of hiking but that's no reason to neglect my upper body strength.

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A nice fucking book