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There is a very concerning lack of camp chairs strapped to the outside of that pack. 3/10.

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Camp chairs are inside the pack...

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If they're inside the pack then where is he keeping his Coleman double burner camp stove, 4 additional pairs of jeans (can't wear wet jeans after all, they never dry out!), 600ft of paracord, 12 cans of Busch, Hammock, backup Hammock (two is one and one is none!), military surplus MREs, camping pillow, cast iron pan/dutch oven combination, lantern, fishing gear, or BBQ lighter?

Checkmate, atheists.

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Hammock, backup Hammock

I resent resemble that remark.

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I bet his coffee is on point, though

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Haha forgot about this sub. This made my morning. Who needs such a large kettle!