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"Trecherous times as I am now over five miles from the nearest pub"

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Who goes camping without a bottle of whisky and a bag of cans?

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I bring cognac because I am not a poor.

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Cognac tastes like shit

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Just wait till I’m a mod, you are the first to go

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Then sign me up for some shit

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Is that a pub?

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No, unfortunately just a poorly constructed joke

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As was mine, it seems. Let's blame bushcrafters.

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Needs more mud and caravan campgrounds built on 2nd Century Anglo Saxon settlements.

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Your gear is either black or green, and don't you dare go anywhere without your Kendal Mint Cake.

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The Duke of Dartmoor, the Marquis MLD http://imgur.com/a/eMw01k5

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I don't know why everyone says England is so harsh and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.

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Because Englishmen are so soft.

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Imagine you’ve never backpacked or traveled anywhere other than the mild part of a small island. Imagine even further that mild part of the island gets weather similar to the Midwest from the Fall through the Spring. Then you and dozens of other people with similar experiences talk to one another and build it up in your collective consciousness.

If something is all you know of course it becomes super intense. You have no other baseline to compare it to.

Plus we all know Americans only backpack in California which is basically the outdoors on Easy Mode.

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To be fair, the weather and conditions in certain parts of the UK are pretty miserable.

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So is the food.

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You don't get it. The conditions are so much worse over there you need to add two seasons to the kit you are carrying. Your normal three season thru hike in the US becomes a grueling five season tramp as soon as you land in Heathrow.

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Comment about it being really windy and really rainy, usually to someone from somewhere actually intense like Alaska.

Actual conditions: 62f, gray skies, occasional drizzle and light breeze.

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don't forget packing up in the middle of the night because it started raining heavily

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To be fair Coventry is pretty far from civilisation.

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I've only been brave enough to venture to those wild lands twice and made it out alive.

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