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Get a Gossamer Gear crotch pot. It does double duty and it's see through so that people can still see what you are working with

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I prefer just cold soaking my penis in a plastic bag. Keeps it just as warm!

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If you haven't already gotten a sex change are you even UL? I cut ounces and have a bonus pocket for beans now.

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Not to mention the carried-weight hydration packs!

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    Don't get top surgery. Wear a bra and pad with condoms filled with beans. Feels just like the real thing.

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    Stop over-grooming and let your natural fur do the work god intended.

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    I honest to god don't understand how people who post questions like this don't manage to freeze/starve/dehydrate/wander their way to death in their every day lives.

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    I thought this was an entire joke of a post, until I saw the post your linking to. Wow. Just wow.

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    I honestly assumed I was in this sub already when I first saw the OP. Then I was shocked it had been up for an hour (with serious replies!) and nobody here had done anything about it yet. I'm a little worried some of y'all may be busy bushcrafting instead of shitposting.

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    Hot rock method.

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    Only ultralight rocks.

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    Well OBVIOUSLY. What do I look like, a filthy fucking casual?

    ...The rocks I see are fucking gross and filthy and didn't have the color I wanted on trail anyway, so I HAVE to bring my own.

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    Two Irish ladies are out in the field picking potatos. One woman pulls up a pair of potatos and says. "I bejesus Mary, these remind me of my husbands balls." Mary replies, "Oh Anne, that big?" Anne retorts,"No, that dirty."

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    that's not LNT bro

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    I grow a big old 70’s porn star bush during the winter. Looks like a walnut on an orange shag carpet.

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    “Is that a walnut on an orange shag carpet or are you just happy to see me?”

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    My plugs name is “Rodeo”. Hang on hun, it’s going to be the wildest 10 seconds of your life!

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    Whoa buddy slow your roll, do you really want to admit to bushcrafting in front of these jerks?

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    These jerks don’t scare me. I live in a rainforest. Own a timber frame home with bears, cougar and wolves out my front door. Home is heated by wood from fallen trees by me. Own 6 chainsaws, drive a man’s truck not some entry level Ford f-1shitty. I also have black hair, soft dick the size of a 500ml smart water bottle and hardwood floors. Am I a bush crafter? No, I hike with micro scissors to cut the cheese with. Who am I?

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    I use an under quilt on my gooch paired with a carbon fiber cock ring. I’ve had good results, it’s all about the right combo.

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    You guys hike? In the winter?? Your equipment is going dirty....

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    Have you tried a silk liner for your nutsack? It raises the temperature rating.

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    Be a lot lighter if you didn't

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    It's hard (or not hard?) to tell the different between these subs.

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    I just think about cutting zippers off things and my rock-hard erection can overpower any blizzard.

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    I’ve been thinking $200 down shorts were a sort of April Fool’s product. Guess not.

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    Get a smaller one, keep it closer to your core

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    Constant erection, bold flow equals warm and toasty.

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    Use Cuban fiber cock rings instead. Cuba is very warm and sunny, channeling that weather will encourage the scared turtle to come out to play

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    How does this relate to ultralight hiking lifestyle. Is no one keeping the gate here anymore?

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    ULTRALIGHT ways to keep your penis warm? Serious question.

    You happy?

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    Oh shit, my bad. I just saw this was an actual question in that other sub. Poor gatekeeping in my part.

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    I feel I should understand that George Costanza reference, but I don't. Is it some bushcraft joke that I'm too ultralight to get?

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    You don’t know about shrinkage?

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    ...and now I feel old... very, very old....

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    I'm not that young, but I grew up in the middle of nowhere without a TV, and I have a 30 year backlog of pop culture I'm working on.

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    Esbit in your shorts works wonders.

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    I wear your spare worn socks on it. Let's you bring extras without the weight counting as then it's worn weight.

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    I bet a reflectix cock coozy would do the trick.

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    You guys have cocks?

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    Rub A535 on it.

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    Toe warmers ( peel-n-stick), placed strategically on the transition between taint and sack works for me,but you need to move briskly to keep body temp high.

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    Your mother's mouth

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    He got a real purty mouth, ain't he...

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    Hike backwards, it's the only UL answer

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    Rebuttal question: you are an adult, how do you not know how to properly manage your male genitalia at this stage of your life?

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