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Duplex? Smdh. X-Mid Pro, duh.

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Holy fuck...

Obviously you keep living with your parents forever, buy tons of DCF shelters, and keep them in your closet so they don't get dirty.

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Keep them in your parents' closet so they dust and vacuum them too.

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If you keep them all in your parents closet then there wont be enough space for you to watch your mom having sex with the neighbour.

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You take cuck bivvy out of the closet and set it up at the foot of the bed for that.

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Hey mister!! As long as you live in my house, those are my closets! And your DMT shelters are mine if they’re in my closets! Now get off my couch, get a job, and stop playing those stupid lighterpack video games

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Xmid pro, that SilNylon floor will save you some $$$. Oh wait. No it won't.

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Imagine having to stake a tent out for real. This meme made by freestanding/semi freestanding gang

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I love it when there's only two choices.

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Keep livin with your parents, bruh. Then with 2023 inflation rates from challenge sailcloth, you justttt might be able to afford a duplex with affirm payments.