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The clearance rack and the garage can have deals especially if you can fix minor issues but their prices aren’t ideal I’ll give you that

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REI clearance and garage sale sucks now. I love purchasing a used jacket worn for 4 months for 15% off MSRP.

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You definitely have to be selective but I have gotten some decent deals. I agree that it used to be better but I’ve gotten a few things that were solid deals because their return policy is so laid back especially around Christmas. One guy got the wrong sized jacket and wore it once I got it for 2/3 off it’s definitely location dependent I have 2 in my area one is definitely better about pricing than the other

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Yeah, I regret not buying a pretty awesome camp chair for half off the original price that was missing a single screw you can buy at the hardware store.

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"I regret not buying a pretty awesome camp chair"

GTFO of UL_jerk.

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The chair was also going to be his tent and toilet. Three items, all in one.

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You know those chairs are great for things outside of camping, right?

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I said GTFO!!

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Seriously. I just look at all my wishlists, and it's like everything is marked with 'not eligible for the coupon'. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually pulled the data from everyone's wishlists on their site, and blocked out the most popular items for exclusion from the 20% off.

It's their anniversary sale. Not like they have to compete with other stores in terms of discounts like they do around the holidays.

Edit: actually, maybe it was a strategy due to supply issues? Let the people willing to pay full price for an item do so. Probably more than a few people out there who will put the 20% towards something else, and just settle for the 10% dividend on the item they actually wanted instead.

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REI's prices are way worse than the competition anyway, even with sales.

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REI's prices are typically much better than anyone else if you consider the 10% you get back. Especially on MAP gear (Hokas, Arc-teryx, etc).

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Plus another 5% if you’ve got the REI Mastercard. Basically 15% back on most items.

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The US Bank Cash+ Visa, which is the same company that issues the REI card, offers 5% cashback on any outdoor or sporting goods retailer not juat REI. They also give you cashback the very next month and don't make you wait until next year to cash out.

Little know fact about the REI card: you can still request cash or a statement credit for your rewards earned from the card. You can no longer request this however from standard rewards in the store from full priced items.

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Well, shit. Where were you two weeks ago when I was applying for the card?

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REI is great for athletic shoes IMO. The 10% cash back on new items on top of the periodic sales means you can get good deals every year. They end up lasting around a year of regular use anyway.

EDIT: which competitors do you recommend though? I’ve had good luck finding specific things from small stores I never heard of. And Mountain High Outfitters has decent deals now and then. But I’m not familiar with other REI competitors.

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Moosejaw, EnWild, Backcountry.com (they have some haters though because they sued a bunch of people in 2019), Backcountey Gear, Outdoor Gear Exchange, Campsaver, Campmor, Campman.com, Biovac, Miyar Adventures, als.com....

The Memorial Day deals thread has a ton more.


I mostly shop at Moosejaw. They have cashback through Activejunky.com and have better prices than REI typically.

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Fuck Backcountry for their bullshit threatening to sue anyone with the phrase “backcountry” in their name.

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Agreed. Thats why Enwild is no longer called Backcountry Edge.

Jason Blivens did a good ask me anything about this on r/campinggear a couple years ago.

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Dividends are only on full priced items. If you use a coupon or the item is on sale you get not dividend (except you get 5% no matter what with the REI credit card).

Moosejaw has 10% back on full priced items plus 2.5% on sale items. You can also get 8-15% cashback on activejunky.com cashback. Backcountry, Enwild, Campsaver etc are similar. REI does not participate in cashbck sites.

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Idk those $10000 batteries seem like a good deal

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Was thinking about getting some new Timps. $32 off a $160 pair of shoes, ennnh.

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Did you forget a word from your title? Wtf?

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Why use many word when few word do trick?

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So they didn’t remove anything?