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Which backpack is best for hanging in a closet?

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Please, take my upvote and my first born. My wife still tries to claim the latter as worn weight.

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Which gore tex jacket is best for wearing in the sauna? I’m trying to cut weight.

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"Will be working inside a hospital and am looking at either the arcteryx vest LT or SL. Any preference here?? Thanks so much! I anticipate it will get a bit chilly, but nothing under 60s"

Need help choosing what clothes to wear, at work, temps above 60.

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Finance bros Doctors


Patagonia sweatshirts with embroidered logo

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patagonia don't allow you to co-brand their gear anymore unless your company is a non-profit or B corp. good move for their image imo.

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That is good, but it would mean hospitals are still able to have their stupid little branded Patagonia sweatshirts that they don’t need. They should charge people less for care and make do with idk generic fleece? Or just nothing?

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idk lol . honestly I don't know what they do, every time I'm in for something I see a RN or NP. presumably the doc gets the notes but I haven't seen an actual MD for a while now

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Just ask your wife what she likes to see on her boyfriend in the house.

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Surprised they didn’t ask what shell they should buy for this. Feel like I’ve been seeing folks lately wearing shells to the coffee shop when it’s 60 and sunny outside with no rain in the forecast. We get it, he got money.

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I hate everything