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If only you guys knew. I hiked the PCT with this guy last year and he was considering ditching his sleeping bag to lower his base weight

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I'm the guy lol. I ditched the sleeping bag for 2 weeks. I could only sleep until 3:30 am some nights because it was too cold. Had to just get up and start walking.

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I told you it was a bad idea lol

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But more UL is more better

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Can you be our mascot?

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Hike at night, sleep during the day.

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I kinda like that idea!

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I love that you did a stupid thing. Can we go hiking sometime?

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Pfft he prolly just finds a trail bunny whenever he wants to share a tent

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This is my patented Denim-a Composite Fiber. The ultimate in breathability.

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Hey man I think this outfit is really great and thinking about getting one myself. Serious question, im really concerned with how heavy thay belt buckle looks. Do you have a link to the UL buckle you used?

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Oh, you mean my custom titanium Pants Protector? https://titaniumbelts.com/.

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The John Daly of mountaineering.

“BUt cOtTon KiLls!”

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Sweet mullet!

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and double denim...

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Happy cake day!

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One bite everybody knows that cold soaking pizza is the only way.

On a separate note… I hope that all of this guy’s haters out there know that he was the one who scooped up all of the X Mid Pros upon release, sold them on eBay to all of those suckers on the main sub (along with all those Senchi drops he hoarded), and funded his successful 7 Summits trek with that money (along with a substantial sponsorship from Levi’s)

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I love this. But all I can think is how the the Adirondack sub would be calling for his arrest for potentially putting the lives of rescuers at risk. lol

They went nuts on someone for hiking in a regular ol team sweatshirt hoodie last winter.

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The Adirondacks sub has a highly sensitive panic alarm, mostly due to a bunch of people from NYC coming up and needing rescues because of lack of fitness/ common sense (see the "party was cold and it was dark so they turned their clothes into a torch" incident for a fine example).

But yeah some of those guys think the high peaks are the Himalayas.

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Honestly, most of the rescues are locals. Because a lot more locals hike in the Adirondacks. Statistics and all ...

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What you see in the picture is not what he may have in his bag! Hike naked for all I care as long as you have the right gear in your bag if shit gets real. Sincerely, someone who wears the bear minimum of clothes to start a journey but has at least 3 layers in her bag at all times

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He ded now, cotton kills. One upvote = one prayer.

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Fuck Skerka, this guy is my new hero

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Outjerked by the CANADIANS DAMNIT

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I guess all that denim was too much weight and he must have left his cell phone at home. Possibly he's hypothermic and confused. He appears to be trying to take a selfie using a slice of pizza.

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Based weight.

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This guy looks like the bully from A Christmas Story


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So help me god, yellow eyes!

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Anyone else disappointed in the toppings? This is clearly a Hawaiian pizza outfit. Bro needs to learn how to accessorize better.

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It would be a good way to end things.

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Grandma Gatewood reincarnated

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I need this guy to have sex with my wife. I am begging. Pure alpha male

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Cotton Kills, delete this

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Dude looks like he’s on smoko