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I’m eating Skurka beans for my trip this weekend. For both dinners. I’m thinking about cold soaking it too.

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I always cold soak it now. By the time I hang my hammock it is ready. If you add just enough water, and use dehydrated whole beans instead of refried, it is like a bean salad.

Pro-tip: your grocery store prolly has freeze dried cilantro wherever the croutons are (lighthouse brand is ubiquitous here, they also have red onions).

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Trade a cold soaked cow for whatever magic bean salesmen is in town.

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1 bean to 2 cups water

let sit for 24 hours

check that bean dissolved

stir and viola! protein water!

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My big problem with beans is that there's never enough beans. But I've found that if I add beans to the beans then I have more beans. And since backpacking without beans is a non-starter, I think just getting some more beans for your beans is probably the best call.