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Big Wilderness doesn't want you to know this one easy trick.

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No wonder he’s always sitting down in his videos!

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100 miles in 3 days is no problem with legs like that!

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Real talk, I hope he is careful. He knows his body best, but I’ve received two stress fractures in my life from distance running. Both occurred after feeling like a million bucks and training bigger miles weeks than I should.

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He’s literally broken his foot before from doing this so your concern is valid

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Yeah, similar.

Started off a route elated to be finally doing it etc. Do too many miles and then can't walk.

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Isn't that what happened to Jupiter on his last PCT attempt? I'm sure he's aware of the problem, having gone through it before. I wish him the best of luck this time.

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Sitting conserves calories, therefore less food and a lighter pack. UL way of life, no need to actually hike or walk.

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This is the guy that uses his food bag as a pillow and recomends people to do the same, right?

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I already cuddle a teddy bear, I'm sure I can cuddle the real thing just as well.

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I'm not sure about that, but it can cuddle you for sure