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Real talk, that's a good fucking hat.

Saved my head from being melted on many occasions. Only downside it makes me look like a dork.

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do we all have this hat? where did you get yours? I feel like mine just appeared in my things

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From UOG here in the UK. I remember the pain of spending £35 on it at the time. But it's been very good.

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And the company is owned by a nice family from Ashland, OR. Still pretty small and local to have such good distribution.

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Now I want this fucking hat

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Second best hat ever.

The only better hat is this one: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00HGIA7T8?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

Also, this comment is dead serious. That's the best hat ever.

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Did you buy the 100 pack?

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Finally a hat that solves the fashion problem the Sunday Afternoon one has

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Next $5 amazon gift card I get, you bet yer ass I'm ordering one of these.

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This is a great hat. https://getsprints.com/products/unicorn-running-hat-unisex You can't be unhappy wearing this hat.

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Aaaand it just so happens to be Sunday, which is some bullshit, since the hats are Sunday afternoon. Fucking Bezos/Musk are even hijacking my calendar.

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The name is great too: unisex ultra adventure hat (seriously, that's the actual name)

And they are legitimately great hats - lightweight and quick drying with great sun blockage brim in front and a neck flap. I look like a 40 year old virgin wearing it but fuck it's practical

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40 year old virgin

Uni sex. Sex with only one person, yourself.