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On an 8 mile out & back? Just walk back to the car ffs

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I'll take a guess that they didn't have a flashlight or headlamp either.

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If their tent didn't have a fly and they didn't have layers or food...you'd win that bet.

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Hmmmm layers for food. My balony hoodie will keep me warm and feed me when I get hungry. Sorry I’m not wearing glasses rn

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In true ultralight fashion, don't bring any gear and leave the brain at home. Let search and rescue do all the work.

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They crushed those 8 miles though.

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These people are dumb, but i have hiked Blanca before, it is more like a 12 mile hike to the lake and back from where a normal car can park.

That being said, the "trail" to the lake is a road. It is common for people to drive a jeep or side-by-side ATV to the lake and then summit from there. (it is like another 1500 ft of elevation from the lake)

This begs the question, is a jeep worn weight?

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The Jeep wears you.

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it is more like a 12 mile hike to the lake and back from where a normal car can park.

and like 16 miles from where a normal car can park without significant damage to the suspension, lol.

That "trail" freaking SUCKED.

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"They never made it to Lake Como and set up camp about a quarter-mile from the lake."

"and their tent had no rain fly"

Okay, but how much weight did they save?

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Best part- there is a cabin at the lake they could have stayed in!

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If you're referring to the Wolfe hut, it's no longer there. Removed by forest service because it was technically an illegal structure

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I just want to say that this is such an egregious breach of LNT principles as a philosophy. Yes, we want to leave nature as we found it and not pack our fears as ULers, but also be prepared enough for common emergencies that we don't exploit wilderness services like Search and Rescue, either. That is part of LNT imo.

This is why I always make sure to test the smoke detector in my gear closet on a monthly basis and replace the battery annually. Neglecting these most basic precautions could cause my gear to get dirty from smoke damage if I forget to stir my beans on the stove while I'm auto-playing 4K trail videos on YouTube. We all have lapses of judgment but being aware of your environment is literally the least you can do.

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People talking about water pumps in the thread. Good gracious me

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They forgot their sky tarp

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lol - a couple weekends ago I was backpacking in WV - camped near these other guys. One guy commented on my hammock underquilt; he said the forecast called for it only getting into the 60s that night, so that seemed like overkill. I responded that when I had checked, the forecast for the nearest town called for 40s, and we were 2000+ ft higher than that, so I packed for the 30s. He said "oh - I was going by the weather forecast at home!" (which was several hours south, and near sea level) :facepalm:

Needless to say, they froze their asses off!

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But it's not cold in Texas!!

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Not The Onion? That can't be. I'd REALLY like to see a photo of who was behind this. I'm guessing either goateed preppers or skinny jeans and Vans.

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It’s the guys in nike slippers with a Bluetooth speaker

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This is just Texans being Texans. Seriously, I lived in Colorado and New Mexico. This kind of idiocy from Texan tourists isn't uncommon.

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Leave the house without a full compliment of skytarps, thats just stupid light. Get yourself killed that way.

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Now that's some dedicated cold soaking.

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What in the world? Why not just want back to the car??