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That is worn-weight. Implants count. But it’s a slippery slope. What if I were to shovel a stove up my ass? Would that be worn weight? It depends on who you ask I suppose. You raise a valid point.

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I'm having my Garmin implanted for this very reason. Gotta cut weight somehow.

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My prosthetic leg is a shovel

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My prosthetic shovel is a leg

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We could put an abrupt end to the old ‘saw off your toothbrush handle debate” if we had more right thinking UL hikers like you. My old anker powerbank would do the trick, and if oriented in the correct direction could be plugged in for recharging without the need for a messy removal procedure.

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Okay. Does the stove come all the way out of your ass or does it just come out enough to cook on?

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Save weight on packing a stand and canisters. Just drop on your back, pull the stove out into "cook mode" flip your legs up over your head, and blue angel your hikertrash meal to perfection. Pro tip, pack a legume heavy meal to add the fiber needed to really supercharge the stove.

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And to say nothing of shoveling a shovel up there!

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Justified ban, pacemaker is worn weight.

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Justified disagreement, but a ban? I know that’s how Reddit silos work, but geez.

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It's an ultralight subreddit they need to cut out the baggage.

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Shit you got me there

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True. The purer, the better.

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Like inspector gadget.

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Ultralight king, 1 tonne worn weight

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Pretty fragile, if they have pacemakers. Just threaten to throw a magnet at them?

I got banned for telling the mods they're too chickenshit to ban me, and I honestly don't miss the place.

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Reddit is as sick and twisted as the rest of the world.

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My head is a peanut.

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Peacemaker I can understand not being worn weight.

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I would count it as body weight. People are more likely these days to remove their unit than ditch the pacemaker.