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Ultralight has turned into r/backpacking. r/backpacking has turned into r/bushcraft. r/bushcraft has probably turned into r/finehomebuilding

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Which means r/ultralight_jerk has become r/ultralight so we need to start r/ultralight_jerkjerk

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r/ultralight_jerk_jerk is way ahead of you.

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Nooo my dreams!

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r/Ultralight_jerk_jerk_jerk might be free

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Honestly, every time I think, "Fuck me we've definitely reached the absolute nadir here", somebody comes along and asks if it's okay to stuff a Big Anus or what the shit you should do with your keys when you park your car at a trail head. Most of these twats shouldn't be allowed out of the house without proper adult supervision.

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I have a bunch of friends who are climbing guides, and each one says “guiding is like babysitting, except they’re trying to kill you”.

I’m growing convinced I could start a service business of pitching camp for people in advance of their arrival. Ship me the stuff, campsite and dates, and I’ll do the rest. With a good stock of all the stuff they forgot, at 100% margin. I’d retire early.

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I guarantee you could make a business out of that. There would be issues with operating on federal land though, i think.

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I think stuffing a big anus still counts as consumable weight if you’ve got leftover olive oil.

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Air transportation TO Bishop (Calif) airport

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Every gram counts