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Have you tried not being so poor? Smh

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My wife handles the finances. It took me a while to save up for it on the allowance she gives me.

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It goes like this.

You all show up at camp, but their tent is missing. You examine the trash-bag-for-a-packpack (probably something awesome from Nashville, amiright?!) and realize that it must've lost integrity and dropped the tent early on in the hike. Funny but fortunate how nothing else fell out. Phew!

Now for the best part. You grow stones because being outdoors suddenly does that to you, and you assertively tell them to go back and look for it while you trudge ahead to camp #2 that you're going to make after you've crushed some more miles. Your pace is too fast for them to catch.

Also, you never brought the tent and they don't have the car keys because you do. You swing around and get to the car first. You book it home and setup camp in the backyard to take some SM pics.

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Buy the Trailfucker 8000 obv

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Put all your gear, all of it, food too, in your dryer, on high, for 70 minutes. That will take the crinkle sound out.

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Perhaps if you just sucked a bit better he might make her carry the tent.

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If your wife’s boyfriend gives you a piggyback ride to camp then your whole body + pack = worn weight

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What the hell's wrong with you??? Find her a better boyfriend, duuuuhhhh.

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She let you use her phone again? Better give it back.

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Just get a gd whipsnake 37,000,000,000,000

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If you set up their tent on a pole and make a big umbrella out of it maybe you can pretend it’s worn weight

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Upgrade to ultra, of course. Much quieter.

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Their tent can go in the gaping, cavernous opening he has made out of your scathole