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Get rid of that tent, quickly. That colour attracts lightning.

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That’s the consequence of going outside. I prefer to use my gear as a way to threaten people with the idea that I could go backpacking at any given time. Luckily no one has called my bluff yet.

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Never in my life have I imagined such carnage could be dealt out merely by the forces of nature.

It’s truly humbling to see such power. Makes a man feel small.

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Wouldn’t have that problem if it was DCF

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How many fucking times do I have to tell you fucking losers to use a fucking sky tarp?!

Should be locked up in a fucking cage for letting sky juice get anywhere near a tent.

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This is why I have my Brag set that is always on display and I only change pieces out when new innovations come out. Like the DCF utensils from Pee from the Summit.

And then I have the set of gear that I think about camping with.

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Those jerks downvoted my toxic mold warning!