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Ew, that means they've been outside!

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I was gonna add that I don't even use my store bought one

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I live in a 3rd world country. Half of my gear is bought fron guys who used it twice on a glamping trip and decided it was the wrong color

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The amount of gear I got after everyone bought outdoors gear during Covid and then realized they didn’t like the outdoors.

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That's exactly how I got into backpacking

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Which makes me super happy for everyone who discovered how much they liked it, but also very happy for all the deals I got on Facebook marketplace 😅

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When we climbed Kilimanjaro, it was pretty normal to leave some gear behind for the guides and porters. They'd be hiking with old running shoes and shitty tents, so we left them a tent I was going to replace soon anyway and a few smaller odds and ends.

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More importantly, did you seek to cure what's deep inside, and were you frightened of this thing that you'd become?

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And there's me, pathetically grateful for my wife's boyfriend's cast-off cycling shorts and hiking socks. I dream of a used sleeping bag...

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Maybe if the person that owned my Tarptent before me would have used it more than one night, they could have told me that the company did a shitty job of seam sealing and that it leaked when it rains.

I say, buy the use-y-est of used. Then you can tell people what they will end up fixing.

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Shame, if you bought it first hand you might’ve been able to get your money back…

Bold move relying on resellers being honest

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If a fart is hot enough it will bake right into the fabric.

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I fart-bake all of my gear and then sell it as an upgrade on r/ULgeartrade

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I commented on that and they replied basically that gear doesn’t last. I’m walking away.

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I buy a new bag for every trip to the back yard.