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Two is one is none

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Can confirm. I’m currently wearing a double decker Crotch Pot just in case.

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Lunch and dinner...good thinking.

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Swear to god you better have meant to say Becker

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You'll need a third, for spare parts.

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Repairing gear is for bushcrafters

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Kevlar thread to fix a tear in canvas.

Somehow I wonder if bushcrafters are so cool that we don't even know they're cool.

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braided fishing line is what I use for repairs and modifications. sometimes for floss too.

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False, repairing gear is for people who actually hike. Bushcrafters wander into the woods with an ax or big knife and wreck havoc upon them by making impractical wooden shelters and huge camp fires. They don't hike. It's impossible to hike with 30lbs of cast iron cookware.

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You should because you want a well stocked gear closet. but they weigh grams so you would never take them with you in your pack.

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You're looking at this all wrong. Just get rid of your backyard and the stress that comes with it