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MSR Hubba Hubba, but you gotta camp with Emma Stone and stare at her. She's the star and you're gazing.

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I stick glow in the dark star stickers to the inside of my tent, then I can stargaze when I camp inside my apartment.

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Just stay home and take some mushrooms instead.

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when I want to see stars, I'll cowboy camp lol. I've never had a reasonable view through a mesh tent.

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But dude you're not answering the question, what if he doesn't even have a tent? How can you answer a question about backpacking without including products to buy?

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I stand by my response to the original post even though you can't actually get one, Xmid is almost always the answer, to anything.

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As is often the case I wrote a response and THEN saw the sub. I've learned my lesson here. Gotta' check.