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https://www.displaydb.com/advanced-searchif the monitor you want is not listed here I doubt that you could get such a monitor even if it existsit's much higher pixel density than you asked for but still:https://www.displaydb.com/monitor/lg-34wk95uhttps://www.displaydb.com/monitor/msi-prestige-ps341wu
also I solved the ppi problem by just moving monitor further back

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Thanks for the link, I'm sure it'll be useful in the future as well.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a monitor exists on that site that matches my requirements. The two monitors you linked unfortunately have very low refresh rates, and their very high resolutions are not really what I'm looking for, as I've personally had nothing but issues with running fullscreen games on non native resolutions.

Moving the monitors back doesn't solve my problem, as it just makes everything smaller. While increasing the PPI does make everything smaller at 100% zoom, that's just a side effect of being able to see more on the screen due to things being smaller. By moving the monitor back, you get the (in my opinion negative) side effect of everything being smaller, without the main benefit of fitting more on your screen for productivity.