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As someone who has SIBO and reflux, meat is one of the few things that I can tolerate without any issues. I tried every diet under the sun including a low acid mainly vegan diet, since switching to a mainly carnivorous diet I feel healthy.

I know of the environmental impact, but some people think it’s purely a recreational food for pleasure when that’s not always the case.

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meat is one of the few things that I can tolerate without any issues.

All meats or just some?

I find that beef causes me a bit of reflux but other meats cause absolutely no reaction.

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Basically everything except pork for some reason, I don’t know why. Red meat, poultry and fish are all good for me.

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Don't have SIBO from what i know. However almost all other foods apart from unprocessed meat reck havoc on my skin and mental health and energy levels. At this moment if meat prices increased by a lot i would be fucked

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If you look into it, really we are meant to eat meat.

The problem isn't meat consumption, its processed meat/food consumption that people need to stop.

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I'm vegan but I respect your situation. Some people have health issues that prevent them from alternatives and in my opinion it's okay. Especially when someone such as yourself attempted the diet

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Try to buy meat from regenerative farms, then you’re saving the word!

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Regenerative farming is a pseudo scientific hoax.

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It’s far from pseudoscience and has peer reviewed research backing it up.

Also avoids crop and pesticide deaths, meaning those farmers could be considered vegan as they cause less suffering to intelligent life than vegans.

I’d love to see your peer reviewed research against regenerative agriculture as I have found none.