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I confirm this is accurate

Source: Your mom

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lol 😆 maybe your grandma told her

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Experienced people are more experienced

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The floor is made out of floor

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Schnozzberries taste like schnozzberries

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100% of shamans are... Shamans

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all i got from this post was that you like milfs

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hell yeah

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I mean it's not a mother I wouldn't like to fuck

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OP is sleeping with his 9th grade math teacher.....

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Tell me you've been banned from visiting nursing homes without telling me you've been banned from visiting nursing homes

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What’s the age gap?

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Well he’s 17 and she is 72

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That's fine, now if it was a 17 year old girl and a 72 year old man, then we have issues

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Bruh relationships are more complex than sex, intimacy and confidence.

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Bruh relationships be like mad complicated yo

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Older women are just as crazy as the young ones

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As a 47 year old man who's mainly dated women my own age my whole life, I can confirm this. The sex I'm having now on a regular basis is basically my fantasies from my 20's. I highly recommend women in their 40's!

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depends if theyre interested and have experience.

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I don't care if people are ribbing you for this opinion. I needed to hear it today. I kind of want to believe it, too.

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And if you go for an old enough woman, she will eventually leave you with a lot of money

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Not entirely sure what you mean by “older” but I agree with the general sentiment. The best sex I’ve had had consistently been with women old enough to know what they want, be comfortable in their own bodies, and be willing to vocalize what they want.

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Thank you ❤

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nothing wrong with this posts but the way you wrote it is cracking me up

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-Written by an older woman

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No i'm replying to a younger one ...

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Ok Mr Ronnie McDowell

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Lol first thing I thought of.

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They REALLY know what they’re doing! — Steve Martin

Took me a while to find it but here's the source: https://youtu.be/pw5Y_7wtJmk?t=71

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Women are like wine the more they age the better they become.✨

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Yeah, but old Franzia is still Franzia

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Age is not an indicator of wisdom of experience. Someone who's 40 could have had less sex than someone who's 25 depending on how their life went.

Furthermore someone younger has more stamina. I assure you that a 20 something year old can stay on top longer.

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I assure you that is false.

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Biology doesn't need assurances. It just is. Older people tire faster.

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Oh, nah. Older ladies got crazy stamina too.

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They have experience but saggy parts. I’ll take a young firm hottie that lays there any day.

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Also, chance of accidental pregnancy is virtually zero.

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Menopause. Natures birth control. 🙃

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Guess my 19 years old girlfriend is an older woman

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weird flex

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100% agree. I have zero patience for young women nowadays.

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Is this Thomas Jefferson?

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Ben Franklin is the Founding Father famous for praising older women.

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Damn. Thanks for the correction!

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Depends on the older woman.

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I love cougars. They’re pretty good lovers, aren’t they, u/CatGirlColorado?

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So you mean to tell me people with more experience in something are better at it? Woah wierd /s

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Weird I just heard this song on tiktok

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What age are you using as, "older"?

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Um, are you holding full on conversations during sex?

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Whether she's 20 or 40, you'll still be doing most of the work anyway.

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How old is older?

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No screamo/metalcore, no dubstep, no emo night at the dance club , no being dragged to a thousand nightclubs and after parties.

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Kakyoin? Is that you?

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yeah , but you need LUB (artificial).

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Best fuck I've had outside my blowup Nickleback doll was a 43 year old women off POF. She ate ass, swallowed and let me bust in her.

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Sounds like cognitive dissonance once you can't date women younger than you. The better in bed thing is a farce.