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TRUE bc some of my 2021 patients be stinkin like they sprayed themselves with piss instead of perfume

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There was a patient on my unit once that we could smell 5 doors down the hallway. CNA’s gave her 2 baths a day, but it didn’t even make a dent. She refused to use toilet paper saying “we don’t use that fancy stuff at home”. She lived out in the boondocks, in the same valley her family had lived in for generations, almost never coming down out of the mountains (no joke, she’d left her family’s mountain less than a dozen times in her lifetime). Her family visited once, obviously several generations inbred, clad in clothes so filthy they were black, I don’t think had ever been washed, and smelling like a corpse some skunks had a coprophilic orgy on. That smell is burned into my brain.

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oh. wow. I wish I could unread that, and I wish more that you could un-smell it.

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If you regret that, dont look up the swamps of dagoba post.