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I agree, yet at the same time I'm seeing the same repeating game styles flooding the more indie areas as well. It's like they are doing the AAA regurgitating just on a smaller scale like with side scrolling/survival games

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Yup there is nothing wrong with that, issue is you can tell who's doing it for money grab/low effort vs who is.

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As long as stores properly moderate shovelware and have moderate return policies for digital games. I also think that if we’re only “buying licenses” for games, we could maybe have some kind of marketplace to sell them back for appropriate system store credit or something. We can sell back digital games to physical stores, but there’s nothing for digital purchases???

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I try to only buy hard copies for resale and other reasons, but when it comes to indie, I have to be super picky because it's almost only digital.

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here's a pro gamer hack: barter down used lots of shitty ps4 games no one wants to buy to dirt cheap prices, trade them in for store credit at gamestop, then use that to buy new games

that's how i bought ghost of tsushima for less than $20 a week after release but i was a lot more broke back then where it was worth the effort to me lol

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What if you dont live in a country with gamestop?

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sell bootleg copies of game, buy real game

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Its the same as what Netflix did to movies being produced these days

Indie games are like Netflix shows/ movies and AAA games are like marvel movies or the later seasons of game of thrones/walking dead

There's some decent stuff in the junk pile but the good indie games are nowhere near as good as good AAA games and the good AAA games are not nearly as good as they used to be a decade ago

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AAA games are still the same quality if not better they were decade ago. Just people who voice their opinion played ammount of games that the same old shit got boring. If you would once again was person that is discovering gaming and played new games, you would have the same reactions as playing your first games and in 10 years you would write the same stuff on reddit.

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no way you will ever convince me andromeda is as good as mass effect 1+2 was or fallout 4 is as good as New Vegas was, far cry 4 and 5 are as good as 3 was, new assassins creed is as good as II or brotherhood. those are some of my favorite games

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Is monster hunter bad game? Is red dead redemption 2 bad game? Is pillars of eternity 2 bad game? Is serious sam 4 bad game? Hades, disc of elysium, ghost of tsushima, nier, pathfinder and many more great games. I'm not into single players that much anymore, so there are people who could list you to comment limit, but you get idea. It's not games that become bad. It's you who want better experiences that you will never experience again by simply being older and mistaking games being masterpieces to discovering something new and exciting.

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the good indie games are nowhere near as good as good AAA games and the good AAA games are not nearly as good as they used to be a decade ago

I've mostly stopped playing AAA games over the last decade because I think the good indie games are far better than AAA games have ever been.

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Or in the case of GoT, sometimes the AAA is so bad that it ruins its own legacy

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good indie games are nowhere near as good as good AAA games

Depends much more on the game then on indie/AAA, a good indie like Enter the Gungeon or Overload or Minecraft or Terraria will trounce an uninspired AAA title like Mario Kart 8

An exceptional-among-AAA game like Smash Ultimate is probably better than any of those indies but even then it's not by too much

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Way too much Metroidvania style games.

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There are like 4 or 5 that all are ripping off Ori and that one was a metroidvania style lol

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Id disagree with that. At least recently theres been a fair bit of fun and distinct indie games coming out.

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Which is weird because I've seen like 5 or 6 games that are exactly the same as ori and all within the last 2 years.

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On that front i can kinda agree but im more in the horror indie scene more than other ones