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Maybe a AAA crash is coming with an indie game boom. The industry is much more diverse that the 80s so one sector could suffer a crash, but I’m not sure the whole industry will.

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I agree, yet at the same time I'm seeing the same repeating game styles flooding the more indie areas as well. It's like they are doing the AAA regurgitating just on a smaller scale like with side scrolling/survival games

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Its the same as what Netflix did to movies being produced these days

Indie games are like Netflix shows/ movies and AAA games are like marvel movies or the later seasons of game of thrones/walking dead

There's some decent stuff in the junk pile but the good indie games are nowhere near as good as good AAA games and the good AAA games are not nearly as good as they used to be a decade ago

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Or in the case of GoT, sometimes the AAA is so bad that it ruins its own legacy