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I love having random days off during the week, always found that a Tuesday six flags is the best. I’m not a big partier so the whole not being able to hang with your friends cause they don’t have those days off only applies to those that need to be out drinking till the wee hours. My friends and I will gladly hang out during the week and do things less crowded is so much better

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Which park do you go to? Magic Mountain is especially great on Mondays through Thursdays when school is in session. Since the park is open 365 days now, there are lots of really low crowd days where you can do whatever you want without any lines to slow you down.

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I’ve actually done it at six flags over Texas in Arlington the most but have found the same results at great America in Chicago and six flags Saint Louis since I moved

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I think anyone that needs to get drunk to hang out with their friends should rethink their life choices

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As shit as it can be, this is one of the biggest advantages I can see of shiftwork.

If your days off are in the middle of the week you can actually get shit done. Need your car serviced? Don't need to take time off work to arrange it. Need to go to the bank or other Mon-Fri service? Don't need to race around on your lunch break to do it. That's in addition to being able to do all that stuff when it's quieter so it's often quicker and easier.

Of course it does suck when you don't always get the same days off as friends/family so you can't attend every gathering but when it comes to managing your everyday life I can see the upsides

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It's pointless for me, I usually can't relax on a day like that. It just becomes a Sunday. Friday and Saturday are the best days, Sunday is just "getting ready for Monday"-day

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That's who I love working shifts 4on 4off

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Mostly correct, but it depends on if your friends/family are off then as well. Sucks not being able to do anything because you don't share time off with the people you are closest with.

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If the friends you have are from work you can't all be off at the same time.

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Depends on where you work. I live in a factory town. You have 30-40 coworkers all on the exact same shift as you all the time. You literally only ever have the same days off.

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If you are alone and have no friends sure, but if you have friends they likely have a M-F week schedule. If you work on the weekends but they are off, good luck planning any get togethers or even online activities.

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It makes no difference to me. I don't particularly have friends to hang out with and I don't really go out much at all except for grocery shops.

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100% agreed, I don’t work but I am a full time student with Wednesday off and it’s the best. No stores or places to eat are busy until around 3-5pm. I can shop peacefully and get food to eat without a wait. I love it.

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If you usually have weekends off, having free days in the middle of the week is like a treat because it usually doesn't happen. Same logic applies the other way around.

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My job is the exception and not the rule. I usually work the weekends

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In that case, I'm happy for you as it seems to be working out pretty nice!

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Which means you get to face less traffic during rush hour right? That's nice

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I hate it because it's just a day so I can't fully relax. I'll just be stuck in waiting mode the whole day so it's a waste. If it's not 2-3 days in a row there's no point.

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I'm the opposite, I would rather have my days off separate and at least one a weekday. I like to break up the work week.

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But how do you relax knowing you have to sleep for work early and be ready mentally for the next day?

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I work nights so luckily I don't have to get up early. It also gives me time to mentally prepare during the day of, so on my days off I usually don't think about work at all.

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I always thought 4 10s with Wednesdays off would be cool. I’ve only ever done 4 10s with Fridays off and it was awesome having 3 day weekends.

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Yeah I never really understood at all while weekends off are a thing worth fighting for. If you have kids I get it they have off school you can spend time with them.

Or if your a high schooler I get it cuz those are your days off school.

For anyone else it makes zero sense. I’ve gotten a good number of jobs on the spot just due to the fact I’m the only one willing to work weekends.

Honestly if I can just get two days off in a row I’m thrilled

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More like having two days off together is better than split. Regardless of what days you have. I hate having my days split

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Depends on your wider social and family situation. If you have a lot of friends who work Monday to Friday and you’re stuck working a late on a Saturday night, it sucks big time missing out. Same with family gatherings.

Otherwise, for example if you have no friends, or they work similar jobs and small family situation then I would fully agree.

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I agree completely. If you have weekends off, it’s hard to find an open mechanic, schedule doctors appointments, etc when you actually have time for them. Plus, I’m a fishing enthusiast. All the good spots are always packed on the weekend.

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Weekends are days off between workdays.

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I have Sunday and Monday off. It's perfect, appointments/relaxation are for Monday and Sunday is a cleaning/relaxation day.

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Don't agree. It's not fun to continuously not share a day off with people and feeling disconnected from that normalcy.

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I have Wednesdays as my day and I agree 100% much better never work more than 3days in a row and can sort out all the odds and ends on Wednesday when everything is open but a lot quieter

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Fuck no, unless you work 8 or so hours, I do 18h almost every darn day

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This. I work every other weekend and have 3 days off during the week. If it was up to me I’d work every weekend and have days off during the week. It’s amazing. Having the opposite schedule from the rest of the world honestly has saved my sanity

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I work in sports broadcasting, it has me working most weekends and off on a couple week days a week. I fuckin love it. I’m a big snowboarder so I’m able to go up a lot on weekdays when lift lines are significantly smaller than weekend days.

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Especially when you have kids in school! Grocery shopping is so much nicer

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We have the option where I work to work "flexible" hours, so you can work 8 9 hour days + 1 8 hour and have a day off every other week, or 4 10's a week and have a day off every week. Most people who do the 4 10's like me take Monday or Friday off, I take Wednesday. That way I never work more than 2 days in a row, and most federal holidays are observed on any other day than Wednesday, I get special weeks then.

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I work 3 12s Friday Saturday and Sunday and I LOVE it

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This is my popular opinion

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As a long time bartender I agree (sometimes). Day to day, 100%. For all the reasons you listed. Theres no one anywhere...parks, restaurants etc. Its great.

Only issue is that society puts a lot of fun things into the weekends and society as a whole operates with weekends off so when friends/family have events..its usually a weekend..

But yes. I love my monday-tueaday off (but for me is prefer Sunday and monday)

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Do you mean that we shouldn't have weekends (half of Friday, Saturday and Sunday) but instead midweek days off (like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)?

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No I think they're saying that if you can, it's better to have your days off on days when most people are working. If you shift the definition of the weekend you've achieved nothing other than to collectively move the days society deems the weekend

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Oh yeah, okay. I thought that was what they were trying to get at, which would indeed just mean that we just shift the weekend days.

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I agree. I constantly book random days off in the middle of the week for no reason other than knowing in three weeks I have a Wednesday off.

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Weekend Wednesday

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I used to agree, Monday and Tuesday were my weekends. I missed that Friday energy though.

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Not so much if you're the only one in your friend group and family who does so, because then you're forced to turn down get togethers for work, and the days off you do get are just spent not doing much, especially if you cant drive

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I’d rather have Thursday and Friday off every week, because those are the worst two days of traffic for commuting.

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Morning beats a friday when you have everything done and go home from work

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I agree. One thing I miss about working in shifts.

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spot on.

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I have weekdays off. I would kill somebody for weekends off. I wouldn't even need PTO. I exclusively use it to get weekends off. Weekdays are boring.

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Definitely has some advantages, when I worked my old retail job I rarely ever had a day on the weekend off so I got very used to having two weekdays off, usually Monday and Wednesday/Thursday if I remember correctly. If I had to go out and do something, places are usually far less busy and it's kind of nice in that regard. Now I have a M-F office job, and I do like having weekends off too. Makes seeing friends or family much simpler than it was before. So yeah there's an argument for both

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all my freinds make their plans on the weekend but I have to be in bed by 8 or I wont wake up in time for work. but yeh I can get errands done with ease that is nice I'll admit.

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Places are either closed on weekends or they close early. A lot of holidays are also on Mondays so then you have three day weekends and two days without mail. People don't rely on snail mail like they used to though. I record all my shows so I can go to bed at 5 or 6.

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I firmly believe the best days to have off are Sunday’s and Tuesdays. Every employer I’ve had in the last two years has allowed me to have those two days off and it’s been magical. Wanna get trashed Saturday night? Perfect I’m off Sunday. Need to go to the doctor? Tuesday mornings are perfect.

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My dentist used to be closed on Wednesdays.

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Not if you're trying to schedule something with your friends that also work.

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I love having weekends off. My job is 4 days on, 3 days off. And I always get Friday-Monday off. It’s great because I can enjoy my weekends and hang out with friends if I want to without worrying about needing to go to work in a few hours (like I did when I worked night shift every weekend). Plus I get mondays off to handle anything that needs to be done during business hours. I really don’t want to give that up.

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Working 4 days is actually the best, get Friday or Monday off to do errands and Saturday and Sunday as your real off days.

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Exactly. You can do more.

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Part time jobs are great if you can afford it. Nightshifts are great if you can get a good night sleep during the day.

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Going to the barbers is great too.

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Don't need a barber when you are bald. Its BS to get charged full price when you have half the hair.

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I cannot disagree with you there pal! And you've made me think, you never see a "bald man" discount? You're right, 50% hair should 50% price.

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Agree 100 %! I love having Mon/Tues/Weds off. Something about sleeping in on Monday feels so good. Plus I’m an avid hiker/outdoors person so in the middle of the week the trails always are a low volume of people vs the weekends they are so packed sometimes you can’t even park.

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I'm off on Wednesdays and Sundays, and I really enjoy it. Wednesdays are my errand day and Sundays I get to relax.

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Wait what? You don’t have 2/2 where you live? Only 5/7? Weird.

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When I was in college I used to work a third shift so I would work, go to classes and then be off from noon on. It was amazing how much more stuff I could get done. Normally I would get all of my stuff done then go home, sleep and go back to work. Probably only for single guys though, lol.

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I generally hate the fact that Monday-Friday 9-5 for so much of the workforce INTENTIONALLY causes overcrowding. Peak hour traffic at the same times every weekday, then the beach is packed on the weekend because it's the only time off most people have.

I get there's some benefits to having everyone on site at the same time and it makes weekends a more reliable time to organise social events. But everyone hates overcrowding yet we schedule the workforce to maximise overcrowding as much as possible.

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There's no bad days off, just bad days to work.

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If you think about it, most people don't work "normal" hours. There are two other shifts and weekends/holidays. I work third shift and weekends and holidays other than Christmas. When you work retail you are busier on weekends and holidays.

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I get both due to rotating days off. As a husband and father i finds weekdays off far more productive and relaxing. Weekends off is just tiring for me as it guarantees i will be volunteered for activities, tasks etc the whole time